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Europe Travel Guide

No description

Kylie Burroughs

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Europe Travel Guide

Destinations Unlimited Austria Belgium
Pictures of your destinations Largest country
in central Europe Italy The capitol is Rome Italy is slightly larger
than Arizona Official language
is Austria-German The population in 2009: 8 million 367 thousand Spain The population
is 10 million The capitol is
Brussels The official name is The Kingdom of Spain The capitol is Madrid Poland Poland's population is 39 million Austria Spain Belguim Poland Italy Activities in Europe
Austria- Spain-
Walking tours watersports
wine tours fishing
horse riding golf
cycling wintersports
climbing language courses

Belguim- Italy-
paragliding walking tour
canoeing & kayaking cooking class
rock climbing bungy jumping
motor biking scaba diving
sky diving kakyaking
go karting rock climbing
sailing mountain walking
caving wake borading

white water rafting
mountain biking
horse shoes

Where you are staying...... Spain: Italy:
Hotel: Fira Palace Hostel: Des Artistes
Transportation:Eurail Transportation:Eurail

Austria: Poland:
Hostel: Mojo Hostel: Okai Dokei
Transportation:Eurail Transportation:Eurail

Hotel: Holiday in Garden Courtn;Eurail
Transportatio You are staying for this long...

Austria- 6 days
Belguim- 1 week 1 day
Italy- 1 week 3 days
Poland- 1 week 1 day
Spain- 1 week 1 day information on your countries This is where you are going By: Kylie, Brittany, Caroline
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