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All quite on the western front Ch 7

No description

Karina Castanon

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of All quite on the western front Ch 7

A german soldier in WWI
Himmlestoss tries to get on good terms with the young soldiers. They start getting along, but some are hesitant.
Haie Westhus is dying steadily.
A poster of beautiful girls gets the soldiers attention. They talk about women and how it feels surreal.
4 of the soldiers, Leer, Paul, Kropp and Tjaden see 3 french girls and try to communicate with them.
They meet in the house by the river but get Tjaden drunk and leave him be.
Paul has an epiphany (realization) that he can never go back to his old life. It is a different part of him that died in the war.
When he goes to see Kemmerich's mom he lies about how he died in effort to try to console her.
Paul talks about how everybody tries to tell him how the war is like when they haven't actually experience it themselves.
Falling action/ Resolution
Paul goes back to the front after his 17 days are over.
He realizes all he has left that is meaningful to him are his comrades.
At the end of the chapter Paul says how he should of never come on leave.
Rising Action
Paul gets informed that he has 17 days of leave.
Before Paul arrives home he begins to cry.
When he gets home Paul is greeted by his eldest sister Erna but even though he is happy to be home, he cant help feeling forlorn
He finds his mother in bed sick with cancer.
He tries to reconnect with his old hobbies but finds that he grew out of them because of the war.
Paul runs into a Major who commands him to march and salute just because Paul failed to do it at the start.
By: Miriam Hernandez
& Karina Castanon
1st hour

All quite on the western front Chapter 7
Tone,mood, and atmosphere
: In the beginning the author claims that,
"The book is neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure..."
But the authors tone seems to be more negative and like an accusation because of how he mentions the death of Paul's comrades and his misery.
: We would describe the mood as melancholy and pitiful because the way everything is described, including Paul's thoughts make the reader feel sorrowful.
Suspense, foreshadowing, and humor.
: His mom being sick with cancer causes the reader and Paul to feel she might die at any moment.

: When Paul says goodnight to his mother before he goes away the next day foreshadows that they will never see each other again.

: When the soldiers get Tjaden drunk so only the three of them could go with the three french girls, so its an even group.
1) The reader would expect Paul to be happy to go home but he ends up being more miserable when he is there.
2) Its ironic for the soldiers to be hanging around the french women since they are going against the french in the war.
3) Also, its ironic for Himmlestoss to want to befriend Paul and his comrades after how he has treated them.
The main characters are of course Paul and his comrades but chapter 7 is mainly focused on Paul's thoughts and feelings about being home. This chapter does expose the yearning the young soldiers were having for female affection that most of them wound up getting. Himmlestoss seems to be the only one to grow in this chapter by becoming less harsh on them. Paul on the other hand seems to change in this chapter, he becomes more distant from his old self and feels hes only place now is at war.
Authors statement
In this chapter, we think the author is trying to tell the reader about how much the war affected the soldiers lives individually. While Paul is on leave back home he acts as if he is a stranger in his home because he has basically forced himself to grow apart from his youth. No matter how hard he tried to somehow reconnect with his old hobbies, he simply couldn't anymore. By showing that the author explained how the war ruined young soldiers lives forever.
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