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How can we solve the landfill problem?

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Alana Park

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of How can we solve the landfill problem?

Current Solution 1
Solution Deficiencies
Current Solution 2
'5 R' theory
: created by 'wegreen' which is one of U.S. environment organisation.
Respect – Planet
Rethink – Consumption
Reduce – Waste
Reuse – Products
Recycle - Material

In the suggested solution by scientists, the method of current solutions are :
1. Confined to as small an area as possible.
2. Compacted to reduce their volume.
3. Covered (usually daily) with layers of soil.

More about the solution
How can we solve the landfill problem?
Alana Park's blog
When rocket travels from earth to the outer space, it needs the adequate amount of fuel and an engine to fight with the earth's gravity and go farther away to space. However, if the rocket is able to keep its direction to the destination, and kinetic energy it will travel forever. This means that a rocket can arrive to sun and make the landfill wastes to be burn. Only a minimum amount of fuel is good.
The price of launching one rocket may cost quite expensive. This is one of the obstacle that we need to be aware, but when we think about our future generations and environment keep polluted, it is better to send garbage rockets to the space.

Landfill problem is a world-wide problem. The pollution will affect the local area first(toxic air/water/soil) and as the wastes are thrown away into the middle of the ocean and air, 'acid rain' and 'Pacific garbage patch'.
Earth is a planet that we share, so bad cycle will be continue over and over if we do not solve the local problem first.

Landfill is is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burying and which is the oldest form of waste treatment. It is also known as, ‘tip, dump, rubbish dump or dumping ground’.
visitor 485612
April 10th, 2014

Confining the waste into a small surface area and smaller volume does not mean that they are fully removed.
Covering the wastes into layers of soil does not make every single of them rotten easily(e.g. plastic which takes at least 450 years and sometimes may take up to 1000years to be rotten!!!).
'5 R theory' and 'Anabada theory' is just a prevention of wasting. Some people might not be aware and keep wasting the materials.

Then why do we care?
We should care because we need to think about our future, and educate our later generations.
In order to make future with good environment for humans and all the other organisms to live. Good environment makes our ecosystem stable.
Education of the environment will make kids more careful of the environment.
Overall, we need to prevent from making the landfill/waste situation worse.
My solution
Each country has to make their own garbage rockets and throw all the wastes to the sun through
'unmanned g
arbage rocket'.
The wastes have to be elimina
ted totally
and make sure not to make the second problem.
For example,
if the wastes are being lost in the middle of the space,
they would
make the view of space dirty so that make scientists
difficult to
observe the space.
The rocket has to be piotless because it would take too much time/distance to the sun. Also, there would be a danger that astronauts die for lack of oxygen, food, changing environment, and hot sun.
Anabada theory
: Short term of recycle theory in Korea. Korean government created it after when Korea was suffered from IMF. It literally means 'to recycle'.
A - use little amount of what you need
Na - share with others and use it
Ba - exchange what you used to use with other things
Da - Reuse it.
"Although there are some current solutions to reduce the wastes/remove the landfill perfectly,it is limited".
5 R theory & Anabada theory
What is 'landfill'?
The impact of the landfill
Landfill sites are pretty ugly. Many materials that end up as waste contain toxic substances. Over time, these toxins leach into our soil and groundwater, and become environmental hazards for years. Electronic waste is an example.
Leachate is the liquid formed when waste breaks down in the landfill and water filters through the waste. This liquid is highly toxic and can pollute the land, ground water and other water ways.
Greenhouse Gas
Greenhouse Gas
When organic material is put in landfill, it is generally compacted down and covered. It releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.Methane is also a flammable gas that can become dangerous if allowed to build up in concentration.
How the current solutions solve?
If the area of the landfill waste is small, the area that gets impact is small.
The small surface area of the wastes can be rotten easier and faster.
Covering with the layers of soil or bio-layers will help rotting the wastes.
How the current solutions solve?
Respect - Planet : We should be aware that the chief on our planet is all the living and non-living things.
Reduce&A : Reduce the amount of waste even though it is a small thing can be accumulate and save a lot of amount.
Rethink&A : Rethink before buy the product can prevent from impulse buying through the high credit card bills or the lack of savings.
Reuse&Recycle&Na&Ba&Da : Some products can be in a good condition to reuse and in recycle(e.g. plastics can be recycled and expired oil can be made into a soap).
5 R theory & Anabada theory
It is a global problem
Model of 'garbage rocket'
Evaluation of Current solution
Try to avoid air pollution.
Cheaper method than my solution.
Faster method than my solution.
Still forms soil degradation.
A lot of organisms are dying and humans' health is becoming unhealthy.
Future generations and ecosystem will suffer.
Conflicts between LEDCs and MEDCs are nonstop.
Evaluation of my solution
Too expensive
Even though we are trying to consider our environment, toxic air may form while launching the rocket.
Perhaps, we have to make artificial sun if the sun cannot cover all the wastes.
Some countries may not want or cannot afford to do.
Strong odor from wastes would disappear on earth forever.
Prevent conflict between local communities.
Prevent conflict between LEDCs and MEDCs.
Prevent the extinction of organisms.
Soil will become more nutritious than before, and it will become easier to cultivate a lot of healthy crops.
People's health will become better.
The cost of company Space launches rockets with a 1000 pound (453 kg) for around $8 million. A rocket with double weight would cost around $9 million.
Russia is the best for space science, so we can get help from 'Soviet ICBM'. They will give the cheap and good product offer. It is feasible with current technology if we get help from Russia's science and Germany's engine.
The cost of a rocket & feasibility
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