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Alt-Paragraph for W+K

No description

Angela Alexander

on 19 February 2011

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Transcript of Alt-Paragraph for W+K

Angela Alexander* *The untold story after three days, i realized that the paragraph wasn't for me so i thought a prezi might be more fun. 11.
i live in california i do not hang out with movie stars and i love warm christmases!!!!!! Ya Know...Dont Stereotype me. 12. 3. 6. 9. 7. 8. 5. 4. 2. 10.
1. "oh baby baby, it's a wild world" i'm a crafster to be more specific i'm an avid crafster.

my larger projects have included building a chalkboard table and a rolling coatrack as well as reupholstering
a wingback chair. it's gratifying to see something that was a vision in a dream or a glimmer of a thought come to fruition. because i like things that look good aesthetics are really interesting to me because they have the potential to alter thoughts, moods, and behaviors. teamwork is the best work from my experience working in an on-campus bar, to volunteering at an art center, to class presentations i think that teamwork produces the best work. i love an adventure. i started boarding school when i was 15. i left california when i was 18 to go to college in boston. this past january studied in ghana! I love to work hard. I love producing great work, and I've learned that nothing feels as good as excellence. I WANT TO BE AT W+K Wieden+Kennedy would be a great match for me because i'm a hard working, light hearted, free thinker. I think I would be a good fit for Wieden+Kennedy because I'm a psuedo- Yankee, Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Major, and all around creativity addict. little known fact from that internship i became very interested in the advertising industry so i conducted an independent study on the presence of african-americans and people of the african diaspora within the advertising industry. my favorite site is piccsy.com there are nine words in my major Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences with a Concentration in Psychology take a deep breath fancy, right?

this means that i use a interdepartmental method to study brain function i have agency experience i was an intern at hill holliday for 6 months. i first worked in project management and then in account management. both opportunities allowed me to truly grasp the function of an agency as a whole. "Thank Heaven, here is not all the world"
-Henry David Thoreau this is my favorite quote from Thoreau's novel "Walden". i've really modeled my life after this quote. whenever i find myself in a bind or feeling frustrated, whether it be in school, yoga, or work, i think back to this quote and it reminds me that there is always an alternative. this optimism helps me to fight through life's temporary obstacles in order to reach my full potential. this is my favorite youtube video.
if i were a shell i think i would be a lot like this. *also the fine print in this presentation is very important -lyrics from Cat Stevens' "Wild World"
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