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Victorian Short Fiction Project


Ashley Call

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of Victorian Short Fiction Project

Victorian Short Fiction Project
The New Year's Gift
and Juvenile Souvenir
"The Three Wishes"
by Mary Howitt
The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir
The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review The Imperial and Asiatic
Quarterly Review "The Birds and the Beggar of Bagdat"
by Miss Jewsbury "The Vindictive Fowl" It was written for a young audience,
despite political and feminist undertones. The simple diction and allegorical form
help convey a politically aware message
to a younger audience. Miss Jewsbury wrote this story as a reaction
against the effects of industrialization, social
classes, and inequality in England. Reform Act 1832 exapanded the electorate. This story promotes the theme that people need to work in order
to effect social change rather than complaining or talking about
how you would change things. Striking comparisons to a Christian parable; appeals to impress the value of intellect upon young people. Christian Symbolism:
7 Days
3 Men
Unlikely savior Like Matthew Arnold's "The Scholar Gypsy"
this story works to promote intellect of thought
and mind as the most valuable of skills. No amount of challenge can
stifle the power of intellect. E'en in their pastimes children need a friend,
To warn, and teach them safely to unbend;
And thus is levied with an easy sway,
A tax of profit from their very play.
-Cowper "tales and sketches" NO giants, ghosts, or fairies! Trial by Jury in India The Proposed Abolition of
the Indian Cotton Duties Social, Political and Legal Issues
within the peak of the British Empire Written for Women Message of Anti-Imperialism "Fin de Sic"
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