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Challenge to Slavery

No description

SouthWest Zeek

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Challenge to Slavery

Road To Civil War
A New Political Party
Even before Brown's raid, other events had driven the North and South further apart.
In 1854 antislavery wings and Democrats joined forces with Free-solders to form the Republican party.
The new party was determined to rally" for the slave powers".
In the southern the Republicans had almost no support.
The Election of 1856
Democrats and Republicans met again in the Presidential election of 1856.
The republicans chose John C, Fremont of California as their candidate for president.
The party platform cause for free territories and its campaign slogan because free soil, free speech, and Fremont.
The Democratic party nominated James Buchanan of Pennsylvania, an experienced diplomat and former member of congress.
Lincoln and Douglas
Challenges to Slavery
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
The Dred Scott Decision
Dred Scott was an enslaved African American can Bought by an army doctor in Missouri a slave state .
Later the family returned to Missouri where the doctor died . In 1846 with the help of antislavery lawyers Scott sussed for his freedom.
Eleven years later in the the midst of growing anger over slavery issue the case reached the supreme court.
While the immediate issue was Dred Scott's state the court also had the opportunity to rule on the question of slavery in territories.
The Court Decision
Reaction to the decision
The Raid on Harper Ferry
Lincoln and Douglas me seven time august,September, and October of 1885 in cities and village throughout Illinois.
The court decision electrified the nation.
Taney wrote the congress had no power to prohibit slavery in any territory.
Taney could have stopped there, but he decided to address the broader issues.
As a slave Scott was not a citizen and had no rights to bring a lawsuit.
Douglas response which satisfied antis slavery follower but lost his support in the south became know as the free port doctrine.
Northern democrats were pleased that the republicans main issue restricting slavery
Nothing could legally prevent the spread of slavery .
Many Southerns were elected.
Rather than setting the issue the supreme court's decision divided the country even more .
In the congressional election of 1858 the senate race in Illinois was the center of nation attention.
The contest pitted the current senator Democrat Stephen A Douglas, against Republican challenges Abraham Lincoln.
He disliked slavery but through that the controversy overs it would interfered with the nations growth.
he believed the issue could be resolved through popular sovereignty.
The real issue Lincoln said is between the men who think it wrong .the republican party think its wrong.
Douglas won a narrow victory in theelection.Lincoln lost the election but gained a notional reputation.
After the 1858 elections southerners began to feel threatened by growing republican power.
Some antislavery northerners including Republican denounced Browns use of violence other viewed brown as a hero.
Brown was Convicted of treason and murder and was sentenced to life.
When southern learned of Brown connection to abolitionist their fears of a great Northern conspiracy against them seemed to be confirmed.
Why was there an election of 1856 ?
Why did Lincoln and Douglas meet up seven times in 1858?

We are learning about Challenges to Slavery because of what our Black African Americans been through Slavery was important to the southeast region because of slavery most of the southwest made money of off cash crops which helped them buy more slaves .
It is important to make us realize the mistakes we made as a country so we don't repeat them to make us realize what this country has been through so we can be proud of who we are today BLACK AFRICAN AMERICANS.
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