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Criminology Assignment

No description

Cam Crawford

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Criminology Assignment

Jacob Steffler
Cameron Crawford
Dustin Furlong
Cassidy Pomeroy

Russell Williams Assignment
What is Rational Choice Theory?
Describe ways in which rational
choice theory could be effectively
applied to the case of
Russell Williams
The view that crime is a function of the decision-making process, in which the potential offender weighs the potential costs and benefits of an illegal act.
Russell proves his effectiveness to himself
through break-ins

He thinks he can get away with it in every situation which heightens his confidence in himself
Costs and Benefits
Breaking and Entering
Murder of
Corporal Marie-France Comeau
Checked out her house first before the day of the murder
He killed her because she would have known him from CFB Trenton
Tied her up so that she could not escape and to get the feeling of being powerful
Murder of
Jessica Lloyd
He checked out her house before the murder
He came back to her house when she was sleeping and there were no capable guardians around
He promised her freedom for her cooperation
How is Violence Rational?
Violent Criminals are selective in their choice of suitable targets.

Serial killers are the most irrational type of offenders but this can be applied to them because they choose victims who are defenseless or cannot count on protection from capable guardians, such as prostitutes, hitchhikers, children and generally people who are alone.

Killers also rationalize murder because they are seeking for a thrill and the emotional payoff that comes with having life-or-death control over their victims.
Situational Rationalization
He no longer fears legal punishment which
causes his crimes to become more risky so
that he can get the thrill he wants.
Through successful crimes Russell gains
A thrilling feeling, or a dominant feeling
Opportunity to use his military training
Objects he obsesses over having ( Bras, Panties, and Pictures )
Russell rationalized that the things that
he gains from crime are much more important than losing the respect of his peers, going to jail, or losing his status in the military.
He chose vulnerable targets
He made sure that he knew the area
He took items that made him feel good
He escalated because he did not fear punishment
He calculated the risks and benefits
Analysis of Rational Choices Made by Russell Williams During His Crimes
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