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McDaniel Reslife Parent Preview

No description

Michael Robbins

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of McDaniel Reslife Parent Preview

Welcome To McDaniel College!
Office of
Residence Life
Your Student's Home On The Hill
1. Students get log in info for email and My First Year site
2. Students complete the roommate
survey by June 1 (hahaha)
3. Students are emailed in first
week of August with room
assignments and roommate
contact info
4. Start talking to each other. The
inevitable Facebook scouting. Who
is bringing what? Social media sites
about the Class of 2022 come to life
and people figure out who else lives
on which floors.
So How Does
It All Start?
August 23rd
...but, uhm, what
should we be
packing in that
cute lego car?
Things To Bring In The Car
Seasonal clothes, jackets, shoes, etc.
Clothes hangers
Toiletries and a carrier
Hamper or laundry basket and laundry supplies...and a lesson before they get in the car :)
Any prescription meds
Basic food prep/serving items
Things To Think About
Before The Car
Money access, on campus ATM is BB&T
Property Insurance, either home owner's or separate rental insurance
Prescription plan set up at a local pharmacy
Things To Leave At Home
Candles or incense
Air conditioner (unless you get it approved in advance)
Halogen lamps, hot plates, space heaters, toasters, toaster ovens, griddles, or anything that makes that kind of heat
Microwave/fridge (all rooms have one already, no extras from home)
What Will Move In Be Like?
We promise...it really does move fast
Cars enter campus, directed by signage, Campus Safety, and student greeters. Pick up the key at Klitzberg Pavilion in the main lobby. Cars will be directed to the residence hall.
You get directed to the building, Whiteford, Rouzer, or DMC. The person staying in the car should be sure to know the building and room number to make it easier :)
Wait for your turn to have a swarm of Peer Mentors descend on your vehicle to help get everything to your room ultra fast so you can get the car to a longer term parking spot for the rest of the day.

Yes...they really help carry everything.
Yes. It is awesome
No. They won't be there in May when it is time to move out. We're sorry.
See? They look ok don't they?
After move in, grab a meal in
Englar Dining Hall
End your day in Big Baker, with a message from President Casey to ceremonially start your student's McDaniel Career
So...What Can You Expect From Campus Housing?
Sadly, no, it does not look like this :(
Of course, residence halls don't look like this either :)
What Amenities/Services Can Students Expect?
Campus internet connections (ethernet) in all rooms, wireless access in all common areas
Cable television access in all rooms
Combo microwave/mini-fridge in each room
Bed, desk, chair, armoire, dresser or combo
Common area lounges in different configurations for Rouzer, Whiteford, and Daniel MacLea
Room and building doors controlled by hardkey access (exterior doors lock at closing, room doors need to be locked)
Central laundry room per building, with coin operation or ID card swipe from 1Card account ($1.25 per load)
Staff support, Resident Assistants and beyond
RA: Resident Assistant
aka...wearer of many hats
Undergraduate students living on the floor with the first years
Resources to share through own experience and training
A friendly ear for students going through transition issues
Social and educational program planning for the residents
Channel for multiple offices to reach the residents (programs, announcements, etc.)
Mediation for conflicts between roommates or neighbors
Policy enforcement in the halls
Relay student work order requests to Physical Plant
On call duty response at night
Residence Life
Professional Staff

Area Coordinators (ACs) are full-time staff responsible for the administration of two or more residence halls, supervision of undergraduate staff, educational and social program planning, administration of the discipline system, approving room changes, and responding to crisis situations.

Operations Manager
Our Operations Manager coordinates all front-line communication and supervises the Welcome Desk in the Decker College Center.

Assistant Director of Residence Life
The Assistant Director manages the room assignments and some business elements of the department. S/he oversees RA selection and training, serves as a hearing officer for the discipline process, plans department wide programming, and represents the department in several campus committees.
Some "Fine Print" and things to
consider about living on campus

The door locking issue
The root of most roommate conflicts...not talking to each other
FERPA and the reasons Residence Life will call home (additional information in tomorrow morning's session)
Common area damages
Four years of guaranteed housing, and the three year residency requirement
Meal plan requirements
Break closings and openings
Housing deposit and lottery process each Spring
Summer storage, UPS, and other vendors

Pets (except fish in a 20 gallon or less tank)
Weapons or facsimiles (including BB guns or re-enactment gear)
Upholstered/stuffed furniture like futons, bean bag chairs, couches, or big recliners
Drums or amplifiers for instruments
Quick first aid items and over the counter meds
Area rugs and curtains if desired
A fan
Electronics and surge protectors
Pillows and linens (XL twin for DMC, Rouzer, and Whiteford)
Alarm Clock
Mini ice cube tray
...other than an 8'x10"
picture of the parents
of course
Meal Plan Rundown
Gold Meal Plan (default), 19 meals per week, $6,180 for year
Platinum Meal Plan, Unlimited meals per week, $6,450 for year
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