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Delaware Colony

No description

Jake Bova

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Delaware Colony

Colony Dominant Religion Economy located on east coast warm summers and mild winters good land and climate for farming long growing season for crops Geography Delaware Bay and rivers ideal for fishing founded by Peter Minuit and the Sweden company in 1638 Minuit named the colony New Sweden, but he was lost at sea soon after Swedes and Finns emigrated across the sea to the colony Early Settlement Swedish ruled there until 1655 economy based on trade, farming, natural resources, and fishing major crops were grain,
flax, vegatables and fruit people worked jobs like ship building, iron works, trading, fishing, and the lumber industry Catholicism=main religion Lutheran was first religion brought by the Swedes Dutch took over rule in 1655 from Swedes which brought Catholics in Political Structure colonial Delaware had
a provincial charter a governor was appointed to
represent the British Monarchy Delaware also had a colonial legislature new taxes could be imposed
by the legislature Delaware Indians were called the Lenape Relations with Natives First attempt of settlement by Dutch was well received by with Natives Misunderstanding over a piece of tin caused Natives to wipe out entire colony William Penn became new proprietor and established another settlement Europeans became more and more demanding forcing Natives to move west Ferris, David. "Political Issues in Colonial Delaware | eHow.com." eHow | How to Videos, Articles & More - Discover the expert in you. | eHow.com. http://www.ehow.com/info_8448340_political-issues-colonial-delaware.html (accessed September 30, 2012).
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