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Vemma Compensation

A breakdown of how you get paid!

Vanessa Ceballos

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Vemma Compensation

Vemma Compensation Plan
How Does This Whole System Work?
Basic Vemma Terminology
QV = Qualifying Volume
Each item has a certain amount of QV "points" attached to it
'For example: A 2-pack of Verve (48 cans) has a value of 120 QV'
In order to be an active member in the business you must have an Autodelivery of at least120 QV every month
PEQ = Personally Enrolled Qualifier
A PEQ is someone who you personally enrolled into the business
You MUST have at least one PEQ on each side to qualify for the bonuses
It is important to personally enroll and train successful people!
Fast Start Cash
A one time bonus when you personally enroll someone into the business
1 pack = $10 + 30 QV
2 pack = $20 + 60 QV
Silver Builder = $100 + 200 QV
Gold Builder = $200 + 400 QV
QV Points will double the next month when Brand Partners renew but you will NOT receive any more FAST CASH
Cycle Bonus
Residual Income
A Cycle is defined as having 180 QV on one leg and 360 QV on the other.
There is NO limit to how many times you can cycle!
This is where building an asset comes into play
How The Cycle Bonus Works
120 QV
120 QV
120 QV
120 QV
60 QV
1 Cycle
'Pays $20-$25'
180 QV
360 QV
"If you can cycle 1 time, you can cycle 10 times, you can cycle 1000 times"
When you have 4 PEQs you get 10% of their residual income
When you have 6 PEQs you get 10% of their residual income + 10% of their PEQs residual income
Matching Bonus States:
Frenzy Bonus
During any week in a month when you started on a SILVER Builder when you sign:
(3) PEQs on a 2-pack = $200
(3) PEQs on a Silver pack = $400
This is in addition to the Fast Start Cash
Momentum Bonus
500 QV
500 QV
$100 per month
Must Be through your personal enrollment tree
1st Tier
2nd Tier
Bronze level
$200 Per Month
Must be through personal enrollment tree
Rank Advancement Bonus
A One Time Congrats
BMW Qualified + $500
Company iPAD + $1500
Photoshoot + $2000
Billboard in Hometown + $15,000
Ambassador Retreat + $10,000
When you enroll 3 new customers with a total of 3 times your QV
Customer Loyalty
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