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Kakav je doktor - timeline

No description

Goran Muric

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Kakav je doktor - timeline

Support of the Republic Public Prosecutor Serbia 14.10.
9 Public Narrative workshops 26.10.
Selection of the 50 team leaders from all towns in Serbia 31.10. first trainings 17.11.
300 activitis in daily action 18.11. Convenction and Press conference 10 000
Site visits
Active site 09.12.
Street action in 7 towns Workshop in 7 towns
Site design
PR campaign 180 participants registrated for Public Narrative workshops CIKE I TETE IZ USAID SU POKAZALI RAZUMEVANJE
I UDELILI NAM 45000$ KRECEMO U AKCIJU !!! Public call for Public Narrative
Workshops Engagment of activists, trainings Action, Action, Action!!!
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