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Dem.Congo Of The Republic

No description

Mandy C

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Dem.Congo Of The Republic

Just like it's agriculture the DRC has an extremely varied culture! It is estimated that around 250 languages are spoken in the country (now that's what I call multilingual!)!In the Congo there are many practiced religions, but the most prominent religions are Christianity as well as Protestant Christianity.
Current Events
As of today,The Dem. Congo Of The Republic is not a safe place to be,unfortunately it is a place of violence,sickness, and sadly,thousands of women are victims to systematic rape.
The End!
The Dem.Congo Of The Republic is has a transitional government. Which means that unfortunately it's only temporary so it's created to prepare for a more permanent government. The Dem. Congo Of The Republic has only had it's independence since 1960.It won it's independence form
The Dem. Congo Of The Republic is Africa's second largest country! Due to it's location near the equator,the Dem. Congo Of The Republic has high precipitation levels and thunderstorms every year. It also has a tropical climate with stable weather around 80 degrees F on average, and with a low of 68 degrees F. Of course after the Amazon Rainforest,the Congo houses the second largest rainforest in the world, the Congo Rainforest.
The population of The Congo Of The Republic is around 67,513,677 people .The Congo Of the Republic is home to 33,536,903 males and 33,976,774 females.
Dem.Congo Of The Republic
Currently the president of Dem. Congo Of The Republic is Joseph Kabila.He was put into office after his father had been assassinated in January, 2001 (former president Laurent-Désiré Kabila).
The Dem. Congo Of The Republic is famous for it's many coffee plantations (Mmm yummy!)and many other things! Such as sugar and the growing, processing, and manufacturing of palm oil!Some different types of teas, corns, and fruits also make up a large part of the Congo's agricultural diversity!It's major exports are coffee, coffee beans, and pretty much any other coffee products!
As the people of the DRC say!
Laurent-Désiré Kabila
Joseph Kabila
Coffee Beans
Palm Oil
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