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End Year Project

Tim Li

on 30 May 2015

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Transcript of Recycling

Tips on Recycling
Things that we don't recycle
Find out what or what cannot get recycled
Recycle water for other usages such as for plants
Have electronics recycled such as phones or laptops. Those electronic parts can be used for other electronics
Benefits of Recycling
Reduces waste dumped in landfills
It can also reduce pollution and saves natural resources
Saves lots of natural resources being used
Prepares the environment for the future
RECYCLING now days
Facts About Recycling
Aluminum cans can be recycled to be used again as a new can
About 500,000 trees needs to be cut down to make the weeks newspaper
We used 2,500,000 plastic bottles everyday
Because so many of them are recycled, aluminum cans account for less than 1% of the total U.S. waste stream, according to EPA estimates.
What we can recycle in our school

An aluminum can that is thrown away will still be a can 500 years from now!
There is no limit to the amount of times an aluminum can be recycled.
We use over 80,000,000,000 aluminum soda cans every year.
At one time, aluminum was more valuable than gold!
A 60-watt light bulb can be run for over a day on the amount of energy saved by recycling 1 pound of steel. In one year in the United States, the recycling of steel saves enough energy to heat and light 18,000,000 homes!
Paper towels
Wet paper
Bottle caps
The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) estimates that the 36 billion aluminum cans landfilled last year had a scrap value of more than $600 million.
Americans throw away about 28 billion bottles and jars every year.
Over 87% of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs.
In 2009, Americans threw away almost 9 million tons of glass. That could fill enough tractor trailers to stretch from NYC to LA (and back!).
In 2010, paper recycling had increased over 89% since 1990.
By. Tianyi Li
Joshua Zhang

What is Recycling
Recycling is the process of using waste materials and turning it into useful materials
It can prevent lots of waste
It can also help us to make a better and cleaner world.
Water Bottles
Soda cans
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Work Cited (Continued)
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