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Event plan proposal for Ericsson Co.

No description

Inna Inna

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Event plan proposal for Ericsson Co.

Leadership team meeting for the Ericsson's top regional managers in UAE
Dir Sir or Madam,

Please, receive our event proposal to hold a leadership meeting for the top regional managers of your company in UAE.

Event title:
; The reasons for the event:
The company aims to organize a leadership team meeting for 200 of the top regional managers in the North Africa, Middle East, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey region
; The objectives of the event:

strengthen the bond within the team, communicate ideas, to forge stronger links between employees
; The expected results:
increases of productivity and collaborative working, corporate awareness; positive image and reputation of the company in society; new relationship; publicity.

Torshamnsgatan 23, Kista, Stockholm
164 83, Sweden
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
1.2 Concept and design for the theme
Gala Dinner "The Arabian Nights' Entertainment"
Social Media integration
- Use the Sphere Event's twitter account (to annouce the event, to use hashtags and @s to engage the participants, keep them in the know with links to news concerning the event, other important information, post real-time updates about the event, respond to questions)
- Use Google Drive (to collect the necessary information from participants, to set up questionnaires, to analyze responses)
- Use the facebook profile page (to create an event and invite people to attend it, to post the information about the event, photos and videos, to include contact information, allow participants to contact you, send direct messages to a group of people, get as more users as possible to click the “I Like It” button on your page (in case some of them are signed in to their StumbleUpon account, that will seed StumbleUpon as well. Submit the site to StumbleUpon. The rest will depend on quality of our content and our network)
- Create a QR code with a link to the facebook page of the event using http://goqr.me, for instance and paste it on any item and webpage related to the event
- Customize the YouTube channel (to upload short videos about the upcoming event, presentations, maybe even some interviews with hosts and performers, to insert contact information at the end of each video, to include words people could use to serach for a company and the event itself in your tags
- Use SlideShare OR Google Drive to upload and share presentations with participants beforehand if necessary.
- Record and send video invitations to every participant through TalkFusion
- Post information about the upcoming event to specific LinkedIn groups , update
status and information on company's page, networking with clients
Population : 2.2 million
Official Language : Arabic
Time : + 4GMT
Currency : UAE Dirham
Exchange rate : US $3.675

Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa Hotel
800-metre beach
260 rooms
Indoor and Outdoor venues
technical support and equipment
Venue of the event
Ericsson Swedish Headquarter
Getting everyone
on the same page!
The title is a simple play with original meaning of word expression “
to be on the same page
To be on the same page
" means that people understand and agree on something. People are "
on the same page
" when they look at a problem or a situation in the same way and agree on a course of action.
The suggestion is to present an event like a book, which will be being read during the whole evening. The objective is to bring all gathered people “
on the same page
” by the end of the event. During the event people will meet with some of fairy-tale and other famous fictional characters of literature and even will get an opportunity to try being a character themselves.

1.1 Concept and design for the theme
Exercise 1 / Welcome to the fairy-tales pages / Icebreaker
Short after arrival a hostess fixes the name of a famous fictional character or a WRITER on the back of each participant (Hercules, Harry Potter, Othello, Frankenstein, David Copperfield, Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Don Quixote, Scheherazade, Hamlet, Romeo, Juliet, Alice (in Wonderland), The Cat in the Hat, Peter Pan, etc.). The participants are not allowed to see who’s name is written on his back. Their task is to find out who they are. The participants go around the room during the event when they have a free time asking others only yes or no questions. If the member receives a "yes" answer, they can continue to ask that person questions until they receive a "no" answer. Then they must continue asking questions to someone else. When he/she figures out who they are, they take off the tag, put it on the front of their shirt, and write their own name on it. That person can then help others find out who they are.
In the middle of the event the participants arrive on the page of the book of Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and play a fictional detective Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a pattern.

Choose three people in the group by saying their first names.Then ask the question,
“Whose triangle is it?” Participants will spend lots of energy and time trying to find a
specific pattern, but there’s an easy solution. The first person to speak after you ask the
question is who the triangle belongs to. It may take the group a long time to understand,
so if needed, be very, very obvious. No matter how obvious you are, there will still be
people who won’t get the pattern!
Exercise 2 / Brainteaser

The participants arrive on the page of an English book telling the stories about Robin Hood and get involved in archery.
Divide the participants in teams. The team which receives the maximal score in archery wins.

Hatta Fort Hotel
Tel: +971 4 852 3211

Jebel Ali Shooting Club
Tel: +971 4 883 6555

Exercise 3 / Outdoor activities
Welcome on the pages of the British novel "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins .

Pass the Stone: Give each team a small stone, marble or coin. Have each team form a line and then pass the stone down the line. The stone doesn’t actually have to be passed all the way down the line. In fact, it is the job of the opposing team to guess where the stone has stopped.
Exercise 4 / 30 min
Mr. Monopoly greets you in the last station of our team building program. Let's build up a model working together.

Gather the participants, split them up into three groups, and explain the game. Each group has 2 builders, 1 or 2 runners, and 1 looker. The looker of each group gets to see the original model. Each group’s builders get a pile of the objects in a space away from the other teams’ builders. The interaction works like this: The lookers look at the original display and go halfway to the builders’ location, where the runner will be positioned. The looker tells the runner all of the details he can remember about the model. Then, the runner goes to builders. When the runner(s) get(s) to the builders, the builders can only ask the runner yes or no questions. “Does the pen go here? Is the binder open? Is it open to this page?” When the runner can’t remember anymore details or wants to confirm a detail, he goes back to the point where he can meet the looker. He can converse freely about the details.
This goes on until all of the groups feel they are done or are pretty much done. Then, everyone gets together and looks at each groups finished model.
Exercise 5 / Replication (30 min.)
Gift items suggestions
1) Promotional Recycled Notepads

2) credit card shaped USB with downloaded information about the event with own imprint logo

3) bookmark pen or magnetic bookmarks

4) solar powered pocket light – eco friendly

5) desktop eco bins with imprint logo
A few imprint logos and hostess's attire suggestions*
* Designer’s help needed
- Magicians
(1350 $ WOWentertainers)

- Dabke dancers
(540 $ WOWentertainers)

-Arabic DJ (Dubai DJ, Sound & Lighting Rentals,
(400 $)

- Hostess costumes
(Costumes shop "MYSTIQUE", 40 $ per item,
OR rent)

- horse riding performance
(HoofbeatZ, equestrian centre,
info@hoofbeatz.com, +971 (0)50 181 0401)

- catering (from 30 $
per person, Marta’s Kitchen)

Stage design
Formed as an open book according to the title "On the same page"
Music Background
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