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Sammy L. Davis

No description

lib hist

on 31 August 2018

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Transcript of Sammy L. Davis

Kim and Alyscia
Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker was born and raised in Oswego, New York. She was a surgeon in the American Civil War. She was awarded the Medal of Honor because she had the courage to enter enemy territory to help injured soldiers. No man had the courage to do so due to fear of imprisonment. She was awarded the medal on November 11, 1865 by President Andrew Johnson.
Mary Edwards Walker and Sammy L. Davis both demonstrated
Sammy L. Davis
Sammy L. Davis was born and raised in Dayton,Ohio.He was sent to South Vietnam as a private first class and was assigned Battery C, 2nd battalion.He ranked as a first class sergeant.He fought in the Vietnam War.During the war,he helped 3 soldiers across a river using an air mattress.He successfully made the trips in 45 minutes.His job in the war was to man the machine gun.He served for 20 years.In July of 2009,Lyndon B. Johnson awarded him with the Medal of Honor.
Sammy L. Davis
In Common
They both received the Medal of Honor
They both showed true courage
They both showed sacrifice
Both received the medal while they were alive

Mary was a surgeon during the American Civil War
Sammy manned a machine gun in the Vietnam War

She was and still is the only woman to have received the Medal of Honor.
During the war,he helped 3 soldiers across a river using an air mattress.He successfully made the trips in 45 minutes.
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