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Rivella MC Campaign

University of Applied Sciences Koblenz - Marketing Communications SS13 - Group 3

Stefan Schmieden

on 5 April 2018

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Transcript of Rivella MC Campaign

Analysis of Consumer Behavior

Communication strategy of our competitors

Market segmentation, target group selection, positioning

Communication Goals

Message Strategy

Creative Strategy

Only 12 % of the ones who tried Rivella allready, do like the taste of it
Did you like the taste of the following products?
Are you interested in new Softdrinks?
Nearly 82% of all subscribers agree
Especially the ones who are singe (76%)
What would you think of healthier softdrinks?
How often do you drink Softdrinks?
living situation
Nearly half of the ones who know Rivella have tried it also
Have you tried the following products?
47 % of all subsrcribers know about Rivella
Our direct competitor „Bionade“ is well known (nearly 99%)
Have you heard about the following products?
77% of the proponents were single
Would you describe your lifestyle as healthy?
Nearly 98 % of all subscribers do not agree
Do you think, that softdrinks are healthy?
approx. 900 subsribers
Results of our survey
Analysis of Consumer Behavior
Communication strategy of our competitors
Market segmentation, target group selection, positioning
Message Strategy
Creative Strategy
Communication Goals
Target group: ecology minded (emphasize sustainability), healthy lifestyle

independent Age 21+

Message : healthy , natural , refreshing , independent

Measures : Bionade Social Media

Market share : 1,4 % (per cent)

Objectives: Brand Loyalty
Target group : dynamic young people , especially students

Message : do whatever you want , be free

Measures : Almdudler „Lauschangriff“, Freshman Bag

Market share : - (more than 10 mio Litres)

Objectives: Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
Brand Attitude
Brand Knowledge
strengthen the recognition of the brand Rivella in the German market
change the current attitude towards Rivella
spread the knowledge

"what is Rivella?"
No names (ALDI, LIDL, Rewe etc.)

Message: cheap refreshment
Market share:
"Rivella Red is an innovative, revitalizing drink for active people who feel dynamic."

"Rivella mainly stands for innovation, change and activity for people in life changing situations."

Start your "

Key Visual:
the colour
the Rivella Sign

TV Spot
Print Ads
Radio Spot
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