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yasmin abedrabbo

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of 2D AND 3D CUTTERS

The Yasmins
Advantages & disadvantages:
Laser cutters are mostly used in Industries:
- parts of cars -aircrafts -buildings.

2D laser cutters
2D laser cutters are high powered lasers that can only recognize the face of the material.
3D laser cutters
A 3D laser cutter can recognize all the sides of a shape to make more complex shapes.
A 2D and 3D cutter is a high powered laser that cuts materiel such as thin metals or woods, used mostly for industrial purposes.
They make precise and clean cuts, it is also very fast which makes it efficient.
2D and 3D Cutters
Adv: -Saves time
- Can make accurate cuts

Disadv: - Very expensive
- Uses a lot of electricity
-Requires training to use the machine
1) What is a 2D and 3D cutter?
2) Give one advantage and one disadvantage for using laser cutters.
3) Give one exampleof 2D and 3D cutters.
4) why do workers need training in order to use the machine?
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