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Geography and Shang Dynasty

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nicole h

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Geography and Shang Dynasty

Geography & Shang Dynasty Geography The Himalayan Mountains The Himalayan Mountains protected the people from invaders The Shang Dynasty came after the Xia dynasty East: Yellow Sea, the east Ohina Sea, and Pacific Ocean Natural barriers protected ancient China West: Taklimakan Desert North: Gobi Desert and Mongolian Plateau Southwest: The Himalayas People mostly settled along these rivers The Importance of The Yangtze and Yellow Rivers The Yangtze is 4,000 miles long It has fertile flood plains which are caused by flooding each year Yangtze became more important economically and politically because is was used to create an irrigation systems Was a boundary between northern and southern China because it was not easy to cross Yellow River is 3,000 miles long It flooded each year and because of that reason people found their homes being destroyed Contain several of the highest mountain peaks in the world Geography impack on Culture With the barriers of the deserts to the northwest, and the Himalayan to the southwest, the culture remained fairly isolated for hundreds of years Shang Dynasty In 1700 B.C. and continued to 1027 B.C Written records developed Both animal and human, were a large part of Shang culture Ancient China saw the beginning trade Frequently fought with the North The Shang Dynasty fell because it was overtaken by the Zhou
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