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The Pearl Music Project

by Megumi Martin

Megumi Martin

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Pearl Music Project

by Megumi Martin The Pearl Music Project Song of the Family Thank you! I chose this song because it talks about being with people that you feel comfortable and happy around. Kino felt like that every morning with his family. This song relates to the pearl because it's about discovering and experiencing new things. When Kino found the pearl, he felt a sense of freedom and hope which were new feelings to him. Song of the Pearl Kino relates to this song because he keeps the pearl because he wants the best for his family but it ends up being a big mistake. This song shows his turning point because he knows he was wrong but he still believed that he did everything for his family because he loved them. Song of Kino This song is about best friends who are parting but they know they have been changed by each other forever. Kino and Juana were like this because they love each other but after Kino found the pearl, Kino and Juana were permanently changed. Song of the Relationship Song of Evil This song sounds dark and evil which fits some of Kino's situations in the book. For example, when something bad happens, like when Coyotito was stung by the scorpion, the Song of Evil played in Kino's mind. Song of Juana The Song of Juana describes how Juana feels toward Kino after the pearl starts creating trouble. Since Kino doesn't listen to her, she feels by herself and although she loves Kino, she is frustrated with him. Song of Middle School This song is a part of my life because it was popular when I was in 6th grade and it is always played at the school dances. This song brings back all of my memories from 6th and 7th grade. Song of Dance This music is part of the Nutcracker Ballet and ballet is a very important part of my life. Song of Travel This song talks about flying away and I love traveling and it's an important part of my life. Song of Life I think this song is a good song to live by because it talks about always believing and moving on, which are necessary parts of life.
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