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The Presidency of John Quicy Adams

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Steve Saieh

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of The Presidency of John Quicy Adams

The Presidency of John Quincy Adams Thesis Statement: The Corrupt Bargain overshadowed John Quincy Adams presidency by thrwating all of his ideas and goals. Background Information Born: July 11, 1767, in Braintree ,Massachusetts
Died: February 23, 1848
Political Party: National Republican
Father: Fourth President of the U.S. John Adams
Mother: Abigail Adams
His Children: George Washington Adams, John Adams II, and Charles Francis

Jobs Before Presidency U.S. Minister to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, Russia and Berlin

He was elected a Senator in 1802

Secratary of State for President James Monroe

The Corrupt Bargain/The Presidential Election of 1824 In the Presidential election of 1824 four men had run for president: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and William Crawford

Jackson took the lead in the race in both the electoral and people's vote.

Since no candidate had a clear majority of electoral votes the next president would be chosen by the House of Representatives.

Henry Clay knew he was going to lose so he told Adams that if he (Henry Clay) told his supporters in the House of Representatives vote for Adams then Adams would have make Henry Clay his Secretary of State.

This happened so as a result Adams had won the election and made Henry Clay his Secretary of State.

Jackson learned of this and he fully believed that the election was stolen from him.

As revenge Jackson planned to shut down all of John Quincy Adams's plans by using his supporters in Congress to vote against any of his ideas or future projects.
Adams's Plans During his Presidency 1. The federal government uniting the U.S. with a network of canals and highways.

2. The establishing of a National University for the Arts and Science

3. The federal government funding scientific experiments.
What Actually happened to Adams's Plans None of Adams's plans were allowed or passed by Congress

This is due to the fact that Jackson had many followers in Congress that would not let the proposed laws or plans pass.

All of Adams opponents in Congress opposed his plans by saying the Constitution did not allow the federal government to be involved in such things. Accomplishments during Presidency ***Take note that John Quincy Adams had very little
accomlishments during his presidency. 1. The construction of the Cumberland Road.

11. He was the first president to advocate federal support over internal improvements.

John Quincy Adams had nearly no accomplishments or at least significant ones due to the terrible legacy of the Corrupt Bargain that overshadowed his presidency.

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