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Organizational Types

No description

omar faal

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Organizational Types

Organizational Types
Bureaucratic Organization
A hierarchical or pyramidal structure

Top down control

Formalized rules and regulations

Agile Organization
Known to be quick when responding to changes within an organization

Introduces new changes

Reacts successfully with overall conditions

Nine Steps of Management By Objectives
Peter Drucker 1954 (MBO)
Performance appraisal
Career planning and developing systems
Feed back and Counseling Subsystems
Reinforcement ( My Fravorite)
Organization development and researching systems
Management information Systems
Thomas M. Thomson
“Managers always have been challenged to produce results”.

Whisenand, P. M. & Ferguson, R. F. (2009) Managing police organizations (7th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall



The presentation will address the following:
Define bureaucratic organization
List the characteristics of a bureaucratic organization
Identify the main principles
Define Agile organization
list the characteristics
Identify the nine steps of management by objectives
List the advantages and disadvantages of both bureaucratic and agile organizations

Character of a Bureaucratic
Characters of Agile Organization
Having leadership qualities is of utmost importance

Tend to possess positive driven efforts in developing leaders


Ability to learn from the surrounding issues

Main principal’s of an Bureaucratic Organization
A formal structure of hierarchy
Management by rules
Organization by functional specialty
Up-focused or In-focus
Purposely Impersonal
Employment based on technical qualifications

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bureaucratic and Agile Organization
Functional Structure
Team Structure
Matrix Structure
Touched on Bureaucratic Organization
Character of a Bureaucratic Organization
Main Principles of a Bureaucratic Organization
Defined an Agile Organization
Characters of an Agile Organization
Nine Steps of Management by Objectives
Advantages and Disadvantages of Bureaucratic and Agile Organization
Division of labor
Hierarchy of authority
Span of control
Poor Functioning
Poor Employee Relations
Unhappy Customers
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