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Dog House Blues By Jacqueline Pearce

Project by Rachel Bohnert☺

Lindsay WRight

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Dog House Blues By Jacqueline Pearce

Dog House Blues by Jacqueline Pearce Characters The main character in the book is Erika, also known as Dog Girl because of how many dogs she has. Other characters in the book are Erika's family. In Erika's family there are seven members, this is because Erika has three dogs in her family. There's Dudly also known as Dumpster because he likes to sniff them and eat they're contents. There's also Muffin and Erika's favorite, Jenny. Other members of the family are the mom, the dad, and her little brother named Marcus who is obssesed with Spider man and being a dog. Other characters are Conner Lee and Mercedes Sharma her friends. There are also the bullies, Kyla Tupper and her follower Victoria Abbott. One more off to the side character is Eva Miller, when Jenny runs away she turns up stuck under the poor old lady's shead. Other Characters in the book are classmates like Conner Lee who has a secret passion for dogs, Mercedes Sharma who is the new girl and doesn't relise how mean others can be and Kyla Tupper the bully. Kyla's a bully because she teases Erika about having dogs but is secretly afraid of Dogs herself. Then there's Victoria Abbott who is basically Kyla's side Kick who does not encouege it but doesn't do anything about it. That's all the charaters in the book. Dog House Blues by Jacqueline Pearce Characters Setting The settings in the book change alot. The settings through out the book are, the street, the house, Erika's room, the backyard, the van, the school, the school yard, the park, Mercedes's apartment, the neighbourhood and Eva Miller's backyard. Summary There are twenty-four chapters in the book. Chapter's one, two and three Here's what happens in chapter's one, two and three . So first it explaines that the girl has three dogs and how she wants to have human friends. All Erika [the girl] has are her three dogs, Jenny,Muffin and Dudly, [or his nickname Dumpster because he always eats theire contents.] Erika is mad at her new paper boy Conner Lee because he scared Jenny. Jenny is scared of loud noises. [Remember that for later]. Chapter's four, five and six It's Erika back at school and her dad is dropping her and her little brother Marcus off. Erika doesn't want to back because her friend moved and she has no other friends, or so she thinks. There's a new girl at school, Mercedes Sharma and they soon become friends, or start to be. At recess the bully Kyla Tupper strikes with her follower, Victoria Abbott. Marcus loses his mini Dudly and Erika has to help him leaving Kyla to talk to Mercedes. Chapter's seven, eight and nine Erika has to think, they'r class is doing speeches on heros. Erika has to think, a hero could be somone from a firefighter to Wonder Woman. She can't decide.Meanwhile back at school Erika seems to think that Kyla has stolen Mercedes and Kyla passes around a mean note with a dog on it that says DogGirl, representing that Erika has to many dogs.The teacher gets concerned and cofrontes Erika but her feeling are hurt so she say it's nothing. Chapter's ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen Erika is nervous but she does her speech anyway. Over the weekend Erika run's into Mercedes and Kyla at the park. When they get back to school Mercedes and Erika decide to do a project together. So the have decided to do they're project on Japan. At indor recess Kyla makes a class report card and singles out Erika for being bad because she has a couple of dogs. They're supposto make a model of Japan but Dudly eats it. Erika says that she's not going out Halloween. Chaptert's sixteen to twenty-four Now Erika is worried that Mercedes will hate her because of the dogs. Erika thinks it will be her fault that the projects ruined. After the fireworks on Halloween Erika relizes that she forgot to let the dogs in and that Jenny is scared of loud noises. They search all over the neibourhood but can't find her. In the morning Erika goes out looking for Jenny, on the way running into Coner Lee. She explaines what happend and Conner decides to help her. Finally Erika hears what sounds like a dog in someones backyard, so she runs up to the front of the house and an old lady awnsers giving permision to look in the backyard, but they find nothing and decide to leave. As Erika and Conner are about to leave they hear another bark and know it's Jenny. It turns out it was coming from under the shead so they heaved her out. After Conner and Erika save Jenny Mercedes calls to talk about the project, Erika explaines, Mercedes is cool with it. Erika backs out of thiere project to do somthing else. Back at school Erika's project is on Jenny, the beloved dog. Erika and Mercedes stick up to Kyla and they think of starting an animal group. The end. Dog Girl!!!
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