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Impulse and Momentum

Submitted By Margie Grace D. Morante Trina Gabor Submitted To Sir Joselito Mesias

Elaine Morante

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Impulse and Momentum

Margie Grace D. Morante
Trina Gabor Which has a greater
momentum, an helicopter parked in a hangar or a car going down a hill? Impulse Momentum selfcheck: A 2500kg school bus from the previous
house moves 25 m/s to get the last
student from their house. The bus carries 15 students, and each student weighs 900kg.
What is the momentum of the school bus?
selfcheck: selfcheck: A car going down a hill
has a greater momentum,as long
as it continues moving Solution:
Cart #2 has the greatest acceleration.
Recall that acceleration depends on force
and mass. They each have the same mass,
yet cart #2 has the greater force. Physics * what comes to your
mind when you heard a
basketball game announcer
say that the team lost its
momentum and so it lost the
* ask yourself how a football
player who is running down a
field is able to knock down
players who are in his way? In this presentation :

*we will discuss about
the momentum and how
is it related to physics.

*give a brief summary
about it.

*explain the importance
of impulse and momentum
in real life situations
particularly in road safety

*and solve a sample problems.

vi vf Momentum:
- is commonly used in sports, we even make it as an adjective or a noun in our sentences to add layers of meaning. But what is momentum in physics?
When a sports announcer says that a team has team is really on the move and is going to be ha physic concept. To stop such an
against its motion for a given period the momentum they mean that the
rd to stop.The term momentum is a object,it is necessary to apply force of time. The usage of the word in these situations suggests the idea of mass in motion and therefore of inertia. remember! that heavy or massive objects have greater momentum even if they are moving slowly. But this does not seem to be true always. -A light object can have as much momentum as a heavy object,depending on how fast it moves. -the linear momentum of an object of mass(m), moving with a velocity(v),
is defined as the product of the mass and the velocity. It is represented by the symbol of (p).

A 3000kg bus from Laguna moves 30m/s to Makati. What is the momentum of the bus? p=mv
=90000kg.m/s we can find this change in momentum by
rewriting Newton's II law, Fnet=ma , in a
more general form. Fnet=ma
=m( v/ t),since a=
Fnet=m v/ t
Fnet= p/ t,since m v= p.

Fnet t= p or
Fnet t=m(vf-vi) v/ t *the unit is kg.m/s Impulse-Momentum
Theorem -the equation states that net external force,
applied to an object for a certain time interval,
will cause a change in the object's momentum
equal to p and t.
*I=Fnet t
*I= p
*I=m v

Impulse: the change in the
momentum of a moving object. Edward is playing badminton with his friends. He
hit a 0.5kg shuttlecock, giving it a speed of 70m/s. What impulse does he impart? I= p=m v
=3.5kg.m/s Real Life situation it is really
important for us
to have it and we must thank
Gottfried Leibniz for giving his

the END A 0.5-kg cart (#1) is pulled with a 1.0-N force for 1 second; another 0.50 kg cart (#2) is pulled with a 2.0 N-force for 0.50 seconds. Which cart (#1 or #2) has the greatest acceleration? Explain. questions answers ! the airplane has a
zero momentum since
v=0 - # of the passengerxthe mass of it
=40000kg.m/s ...therefore the momentum
of the school bus
is 40000kg.m/s from
the previous
house to the house
of the last passenger. time for doing this and also for some philosophers who contributed a lot. when we need to punch something
it helps also, bec. w/ a lot of time
we can protect ourselves bec. we have
a great force. and also
in sports All of us have a problems but with determination and full force of energy we can achieve our goals in life. We can apply the formulas to have a good decision and use it for good. * problems can not stop us in our dreams because momentum is hard to stop, and we are the momentum in our own world and its our decision to stop it or go for it. * The impulse-momentum theorem is used
by highway engineers to determine stopping
times and safe following distances for cars and trucks. The theorem is also used to design safety equipment that decreases the force exerted on the human body during collisions. Firefighters make use of nets and giant air mattresses to catch people who have jump from tall building. reference:
*physicsclass.com/class/momentum *book
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