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Samsung Case

No description

Jiang Tian

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Samsung Case

How Samsung Becomes the Greater Group Members: Jenny Lee; Mark Lee; Ashley Lau; Fifi Wong; Sue Lau; Jonathan Kong Founded in 1969, manufacturer of black-white TVs 1980s~1997 (before Asian financial crisis)
famous for high quality;
leader of consumer electronics companies. 1970s, acquired a semiconductor business 1997(Under the financial crisis) Suffered negative net profit, $16 billion 1997-2002 Samsung's rebirth ! 2003 to now Became the most widely
held stock company After the financial crisis Kim said: The economic crisis, in my view, impressed upon the need for a system that could create a resilient and enduring value
proposition unique to Samsung——products that would distinguish us from our competitors. Who's Eric Kim? —Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea,
—At the age of 11, moved to Los Angeles.
—Majored in physics at Harvey Mudd College, and went on to earn a master's in engineering at UCLA —MBA from the Harvard Business School.

—Moved back to South Korea to join Samsung Electronics in 1999.
—During a tenure of five years he rose to become leader of their global marketing initiatives. Samsung's Transformation The Goal: Catch up with
& The Leader: Kun Hee Lee. 's Advantages: 1. Global Brand has been built 2. More Advertising Cost 3. Multiple platforms (Categories) to exhibit 4. Take position in Youth Market New Direction: Market Orientation! From simple production/sales Orientation Market Orientation from production/sales to market Manufacturing Focus on (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Research & Development Differentiation Core Competences 5. Consumer-driven innovations Avoids copyright problems High Quality
Functional Features
= Superior product Production Orientation The customers' first choice Sales Orientation Focus on selling products/service Ignore customers' needs The organization wide generation of market information on an on-going basis Sharing all information across all departments Organization responsiveness to this information Consumer is the King Consumer = King How to implement Market Orientation? Brief introduction to Information Seeking Information transfer Information analysis Better touch to the Market Eric Kim (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Market Orientation Organization
culture Organizational
Structure A Executive Market Oriented Internal
Marketing Stuff rewarded being
"Market Oriented" GMO Bring down barriers Flatter Organizational Structure become the leader! GMO Marketing Regional Strategy Team Strategy Team Product Strategy Team Global Marketing Strategy GMO Budget Global Brand Campaign Consumer Relationship Management Communicating Ideas to Subsidiaries Regional Marketing Strategy Regional Marketing Market Research competitors’ information Trade Exhibition Marketing Alliances Topic I think this is about facts! Training internal employees
to understand brand value Promote the value of
marketing inside Samsung Kim disagreed "Good Products sell themselves" "Marketing is no more than selling" ’s Style Improve professional
marketing stature Other Marketing Activities at Samsung New Management Initiative Cheap OEM M-Net: properly allocate marketing resources North America & Russia Campaign: Digit All: Various Functions, single unit Sponsorship of IOC This is the powerful Any Questions or Comments are Welcomed~ Wish you enjoy a NICE Mid-Autumn Festival GMO Decision Making Process Information Plan Execute Product Strategy Team Collect competitors' information Collect market feedback Marketing Strategy Team Market plan Whole budget Think Global Regional Strategy Team Combine global strategy with Specific regional situation Act Local Inject consumer insights = + High Value-added Product Provider China & Europe The Matrix Reloaded In the wireless equipment category
2002 Salt Lake City;2004 Athens;2006 Torino; 2008 Beijing;2012 London
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