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sodium and water explosion

No description

Kenji Bachmann

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of sodium and water explosion

Sodium and water explosion
By: Kenji Bachmann

Periodic Table
The periodic table is a list of elements. The elements are arranged in a certain way. The more to the left the elements are the more reactive the element is. Also the more to the bottom the element is the more reactive it is.
The Reaction
The reaction occurs because sodium will chemically react with water by producing hydrogen gas because the reaction is exothermic, a reaction that comes with a burst of heat. The formula is 2Na(s) + H2O --> 2Na O H (aq) + H2 (g)
Na=sodium H2O=water O=oxygen H=hydrogen (aq)=The substance can be dissolved in water (g)=gas
The translation is: 2 or more sodium particles + 2 particles of water turns into a 2 parts sodium. oxygen, and hydrogen substance that can be dissolved by water + 2 parts hydrogen gas.
More sodium tricks
Another trick with sodium is hot ice. There's three awesome things about hot ice. No matter how cold the temperature is the water won't freeze but as soon as you put pressure on it freezes! Next the ice is warm! Finally, you can sculpt with it!
We will be learning about
Na (sodium). Sodium is a highly reactive element. You can tell because Na is on the far left of the periodic table. Lithium (Li) is less reactive and potassium is more reactive.
Watch and learn!
Who has any questions?
Feel the glass. Is it cold like regular ice?
This substance is often found in hand warmers since the substance is warm.
Videos: Youtube Background image: http://chemistry.about.com/b/2010/03/06/sodium-in-water-explosion.htm Periodic table image: http://www.chemicalelements.com
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