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Roots of the Blues

reader review

Nancy Perry

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Roots of the Blues

Early Blues Music Bessie Smith
"Empress of the Blues"
(yellow p. 10-13) Influenced by Early Blues The Blues and Rock and Roll
(blue p.16-19) Bill Hayley and the Comets
"Rock Around the Clock" Jerry Lee Lewis
"Great Balls of Fire" The Yardbirds
"For Your Love"
(blue p.17) Eric Clapton
(blue p.18-19) Clapton & BB King
"Riding With the King"
(blue p.20) Follow the Drinking Gourd Ma Rainey: Mother of the Blues
(yellow p.6-9) Robert Johnson
King of the Delta Blues
(Blue p. 8-9) The Birth of the Blues Call and Response
(Blue p. 4-5) Slave Spirituals
(Green p. 8-9) Country Music and the Blues Jimmie Rodgers
Bristol Sessions 1927
(blue p.14) Carter Family
Bristol Sessions 1927
(blue p.15) B.B. King
A Living Legend
"How Blue Can You Get"
(Blue p. 10/11) Muddy Waters
"Blues Had a Baby and
They Named It Rock & Roll"
(green p.16) Blues Greats Chuck Berry
"Roll Over Beethoven" The British Invasion The Beatles
"Roll Over Beethoven" THE BLUES Important Elements of the Blues song: 1. Repeat lyrics (AAB)
2. Lyrics tell a story, which
is often sad.
I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride
I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride
Nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by. W.C. Handy 1903
(green p.12) The Blues has had an influence on almost
every genre of music. Later, we will
discuss how it has also affected jazz,
rhythm and blues, rap, and pop music.
In fact, the music that you listen to
everyday, probably began with some
of the elements of "The Blues."
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