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Artificial Intelligence

No description

Joe Caruso

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Artificial Intelligence

#include <alproxies/altexttospeechproxy.h>
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
AL::ALTextToSpeechProxy tts("<IP of your robot>", 9559);
return 0;
} Programmable in,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNGUzLdVXGQ6h-ahxfaIOt0JWFFgZA&ust=1361303840512809
from naoqi import ALProxy
tts = ALProxy("ALTextToSpeech", "\<IP of your robot>", 9559)
tts.say("Hello world") c#
using Aldebaran.Proxies;
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
TextToSpeechProxy tts = new TextToSpeechProxy(<IP of your robot>, 9559);
tts.say("Hello World");
} Visual Basic
Imports Aldebaran.Proxies
Module Program
Sub Main()
Dim tts As TextToSpeechProxy = New TextToSpeechProxy("<IP of your robot>", 9559)
tts.say("Hello World")
End Sub
End Module F#
let main () = let tts = new Aldebaran.Proxies.TextToSpeechProxy("", 9559) tts.say("Hello World from F#") main () Java
public class TestTTS{ static
public static void main(String[] args)
ALTextToSpeechProxy ttsProxy = new ALTextToSpeechProxy("<IP of your robot>", 9559); tts.say("hello world");
}} Urbi
tts.say("Hello World") Artificial Intelligence Are robots capable of intelligence? "Our best robots have the intelligence of a cockroach, a retarded cockroach, a retarded lobotomized cockroach" - Michio Kaku Would an intelligent robot think a human? What about consciousness? Mass-Consciousness Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon "...the addition of the hundredth monkey apparently carried the number across some sort of threshold, pushing it through a kind of critical mass, because by that evening almost everyone was doing it. Not only that, but the habit seems to have jumped natural barriers and to have appeared spontaneously in colonies on other islands and on the mainland in a troop at Takasakiyama. " - Lyall Watson Logical Thinking Alan Turing Machine learning Innovations in AI and Robotics By Joe Caruso and Sam Clement
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