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Whitney Houston-Journey c.

The life of Whitney

Melissa Valdivia

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Whitney Houston-Journey c.

Early Life
Personal Life
On February 9, 2012 Whitney Houston died by accidental drowning in her hotel bathroom.She because she took drugs and overdosed before she got in the tub. Then she passed out. They found her at 3:30p.m. and she was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. It turns out benadryl , Xanax marijuana, and Flexeril was in her system. Whitney was buried on February 18,2012
Whitney Houston best albums
Whitney and Whitney Houston
Video of Whitney
I wanna dance
Whitney Houston
By: Journey Cobb

Thank you!!!!
Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born on August 9, 1963
She was born to Cissy Houston and Gary Garland
At eleven she started to perform as a soloist in the junior gospel choir.
In her teenage years Whitney would sing at night clubs where her mother would sing with her and bring her on gigs (her mom was a singer too).
I will always love you
Greatest of all
I wanna dance with somebody
How will I know
saving all my love for you
Top 5 Best Songs
At the 1989 Soul Train Awards Whitney Met a singer Named Bobby Brown. They were married on July 18, 1992. On March 4, 1993 their child Bobbi Kristina Brown was born.
R.I.P. Whitney Houston
Whitney and Bobby were possibly addicted to drugs. On January 11, 2000 drugs were found in Whitney and Bobby's bag at the Hawaii airport but they already got on to the plane so the charges were dropped. Before this there were rumors about Whitney and bobby using drugs.
People were suspicious because of Whitney's weight loss and when she didn't show up for concerts.
Whitney started as a fashion model where she appeared in
People, Essence, Jet ,and Pride.Whitney was offered a lot of record deals because they loved her voice. But her mother let her because she had to finish high school first. Then soon she signed with Arista in 1983. Her debut album was produced in 1985. She became the top 5 hit.
Whitney was know for her beautiful voice and her first four albums. She was an american singer and actress. Between 1985 and 1992 Whitney sold 86 million copies of her albums.
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