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Present Simple en Present Continuous

PrS en PrC: Verschil, Vorm en regel

N Verbraak

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Present Simple en Present Continuous

Present Continuous Gebruik I always help
you often go
She/He usually shops

It goes Vorm Normaal gebruik je de stam
to help -> I help
To do -> They do Present Simple Vragend:
Met to do

I like him - Do you like him
I often eat chips -> Do you often eat chips

He likes pasta -> Does she like Present Continuous
Je gebruikt de present continuous als:

Iets nu aan de gang is of bezig is Dus: Present simple

Als iets regelmatig gebeurt/altijd of nooit

Present Simple Verschil en gebruik Je gebruikt het als:
Iets altijd gebeurt
Nooit gebeurt
Of regelmatig Signaalwoorden:
Usually, always, never, often .... Bij He She It
Krijg je of:
Es He helps
She does
He watches
It goes Vragend en ontkennend I often cut onions -> I am cutting onions now Signaalwoorden:
now, at the moment, at this time, currently.... He usually shops -> He is shopping now Vorm:
To be:
+ werkwoord+ing Continuous

Als iets nu aan de gang is
of bezig is WW bij he/she/it
(e)s am, is, are +ww +ing always, often... now... They are going now Ontkennend met to do

I like him -> I do not like him (don't) Je gebruikt do + not He always shops -> He doesn't always shop
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