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Childhood Celebrities Who Went Crazy

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Crystal Rivers

on 8 December 2017

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Transcript of Childhood Celebrities Who Went Crazy

Childhood Celebrities Who Went Crazy from Fame
Britney Spears
Okay, the story of a famous teen gone crazy under the spotlight of fame is quite the trend in LA. However, let’s talk about a far more familiar case – the mental breakdown of Britney Spears. Once a cute little teen with a school uniform singing a pop song stuck in the heads of many, Britney suddenly went crazy, shaved her head and started acting completely insane. Her erratic behavior resulted in constant media coverage and most thought her career to be dead. However, the singer did manage to pull her mind together and got back on the pop scene with hits, such as Womanizer and I Wanna Go.
- http://www.lolwot.com/18-celebrities-who-went-crazy-over-their-fame/3/
Justin Bieber
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes, the actress, most famous for her work in She’s The Man and What I Like About You, has not starred in a movie or TV series since 2010. However, that did not stop her from making headlines, as her crazy psycho-induced moments are worthy of a top list of their own. Driving under influence and tweeting to the President about it, getting kicked out of the gym halfway through a spin class is just everyday life for her. She was kicked out of her management team, she started walking around New York with a blanket on top of her head, she had an eating disorder and ruined her looks with plastic surgery and she publicly bashed Rihanna.

Demi Lovato
There are a number of Disney child stars, turned prodigies, who went crazy over their fame as they’ve matured under the spotlight, most of them featured on this list. However, what most people don’t know is that the seemingly innocent Demi Lovato had a mental break down of her own. While on tour with The Jonas Brothers, the actress suffered from a nervous break down. Quitting the tour, she checked herself into a treatment facility in the fall of 2010, later stating that her manager and parents pulled her aside for intervention before things got out of hand. Leaving the treatment facility in January 2011, Demi Lovato became mentally stable and healthy enough to partner with The Jed Foundation in order to help out teens, who have deal with any mental problems they may face.

-arrested for DUI
-urinating in public places
-charges of assault
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