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Adult Learning

No description

Tony Farina

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of Adult Learning

In the late 1970s teacher and researcher, Malcolm Knowles, coined the term "andragogy." He defined it as "The Art and Science of helping adults learn" (as cited in QOTFC, 2007) .
Adults are practical

They approach education with a viewpoint that the reward wholly outweighs the risk. Very few adults, come back to college to "find themselves"
Adults are internally motivated and self directed

Essentially this means that adult learners do not like having their hands held through every process. The idea here is that it is best for adult learners to be given a task and directions and left to work.
Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences

Unlike the "traditional student," adult learners have been in the work force and they see learning through that lens.
Adults are Goal Oriented
While it is not to say that "traditional students" do not have goals, the adult learner comes to college with a specific outcome in mind. There is a plan of action and a time frame that is key to the adult learner.
Adults are relevancy oriented
Adult learners need to know how and why the information is important to reaching the goal. They do not want to feel like any time is wasted.
Adult Learning

Thank you!
Six Principles
are internally motivated and self directed
bring life experiences and knowledge
are goal oriented
are relevancy oriented
are practical
like to be respected
Adults like to be respected
Adult learners want to know that both teachers and peers respect their place in life. They earned that place in the workforce and they need to know their experience is valued.
Queensland Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

Collaborative (2007). Adult Theory and

Principles. Retrieved from http://

Adult learners:
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