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Daniel Doran

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Globalization

Globalization By Daniel and Taylor Dimensions of
Globalization Forces of Globalization Economic Politcal Environmental Social Trade Transportation Communication Media Trade has always meant both a spread of products and ideas. Without sufficient trade, Canadians would go without many things we cannot produce ourselves, such as peanuts. Obviously, this has the disadvantage of having to ship materials, costing much more. As time goes on and technology advances, new forms of transportation increases globalization. Cars, boats and ferries allow people to quickly go around the world, learning of other cultures while spreading their own. Many new ways to communicate have come up in recent years. With social networking, chat systems, and forums, communicating internationally has never been easier. Spreading different forms of media, such as literature, art, and music has the benefit of spreading messages of a culture's history, beliefs and goings-on.

Fun fact: Osamu Tezuka, who is considered the "godfather of anime", was inspired by the work of Walt Disney. The Arab spring is an example of political Globalization. New political ideas (Democracy) are being intoduced into many third world countries. New Trade opportunities are opening up between countries that would have been otherwise isolated Globaliztation can reduce diversity of various cultures, because they are often blotted out by more prominient cultures. However, globalization can also introduce cultures into new areas Note: Taylor finished his portion on time. The reason this is so late is because of Daniel. As a result products can have a wider market. New Energy saving ideas can be exchanged, which can reduce environment impact. Transport of goods which is important in globaliation can damage the environment.
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