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Forge By Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

Jack Stivers

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Forge By Laurie Halse Anderson

Forge By Laurie Halse Anderson

Conflict #1
Curzon VS Bellingham
Important Event #1
In the beginning of the book Curzon flees from his master. He then comes upon a battle ground. Where he is then brought to camp. But just before he fled he stole from Trumbull. Trumbull noticed and came back for the young slave. But Curzon quickly thought of the idea to enlist in the continental army. This way he did not have to go and work for Trumbull.I also feel like this is the part in the book when Curzon and Ebenezer really start to make a friendship. :) This is important because this is where Curzons journey begins.
Conflict #2
When Curzon enrolled in the Continental army. He wasn't expecting to be thrown into such a tough place. Valley Forge. Slavery was putting people against eachother. The camp always was running out of food. The generals and higher authority's gave little respect to units like Curzons. It was very dirty at camp and sickness was inevitable. The list goes on and on. But no one shoud've been treated worse than Curzon. Just because of his skin color. But society thought alike about topics like that. And curzon was in the middle of it all.
Conflict #3
Curzon vs Nature
Their relationship started long before the book took place. Curzon
was once his slave along with his father. But they were broken up
as a family. Curzon grew as a man. But he still didn't want to confront
Bellingham. But when Bellingham came to valley forge. Curzon had
no choice but to talk to him. Bellingham took this chance to enslave Curzon.
But he knew Curzon wouldn't go without putting up a fight. So he told
him that he was going to tell him about the harsh conditions at camp.
Once curzon found out what Bellinghams real plan was. He flipped out
and punched him right in the kisser. They didn't relate to eachother that well.
So of course Curzon wanted to get out of that place. Bellingham eventually
caught him trying to escape.And pulled a gun out. Although Curzon was against the odds he stayed strong. Ending Bellinghams rain of terror.
Curzon vs Society
While Curzon was at Valley Forge the weather wasn't exactly nice. It was freezing cold for a lot of the time. Sickness was spreading like wildfire. Also meat was very hard to come by. The food wasn't only hard to come by but it was not prepared enough.
Important Event #2
While working for Bellingham Curzon incounters a young lady named Isabel. He already knew her. They already tried to escape together earlier in Curzons life. But it didn't exactly work so well. So Isabel has has no trust in Curzon. But Curzon slowly earns her trust back. This gives isabel and Curzon to have a chance to start over. This is a very important because they have the trust to have eachothers backs. Just in case Bellingham tries anything.
Important event #3
Curzon always knew something was up with Gideon. But no one else saw it in him. He was very quiet and did not really like Curzon. So one night he followed him and found that what he owned was odd. But Gideon took a liking in Isabel. So he asked her to escape with him. Curzon wasn't going with but Isabel couldn't go through with it and found out that he was with the BRITISH! This is important because Gideon was a spy for the british the whole time. Earning the trust of peers with alot of hard work. Since no one was listening to Curzon they had no way to stop this.
When Curzon was tricked by Bellingham to come backt to be his slave. It did not sit well with him. As Bellingham thought he wouldnt go down without a fight. So as they were entering the room for Curzons trial. Curzon said what he had thought for his whole life. He told the man he was a FREE man. Bellingham thought the opposite. Telling him he had no choice. Curzon then SPAT in the mans face. This is were their troubles begin. This is the reason it's important.
Character Map #1
Actions:When Bellingham comes to Valley Forge and sees Curzon. Only to trick him.
Words: "The congressman want to question reliabtle soldiers about thr circumstances here."
Feelings: Curzon used to be owned by Bellingham. And lets just say their relationship wasn't great. So when Curzon finds out that it was a lie the whole time it could get ugly.
Character map #2
Actions: Eben is about to be killed by a redcoat. But Curzon throughs a rock at the enemy. Eben then finishes him off.
Words:"It hit the redcoat square in the shoulder and thew off his arm."
Eben is grateful for what Curzon did. But he also knows they must get back to the main objective. Which is defeating the redcoats.
Charles Avery and the children of Birmingham VS. Curzon
During the Civil Rights movement children marched. They marched to be treated equal. They were very brave for doing this. Just like Curzon was for standing up against Bellingham. Also they were discriminated against just like Curzon. All they wanted was to be treated equal. But it was also different. The boys and girls in Birmingham used peacful protest. Unlike Curzon which took a different route. These brave kids acomplished many things with this one protest.
Throughout the book Curzon faces challenges. It is the backbone of the storyline in my opinion. He faced it from a young age. As he grew it seemed to follow him. Bad was everywhere Curzon was.Some examples are Bellingham and Trumbull. But through it all Curzon stayed strong. He never let the bad truly get to him. He did what he had to do. Eventually leading him achieve his goal. This proves that although he faced hardships. Good will always prevail.
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