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Tug of War

math project

Austin Rath

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Tug of War

BAT Geniuses TUG OF WAR COMPETITION Problem 4 equally strong acrobats are up against 5 equally strong grandmas in a tug of war and it's a draw.
1 acrobat(as strong as other acrobat) and 2 grandmas are up against Ivan the wonder dog and it's a draw.
Ivan the Wonder dog and 3 grandmas are up against 4 acrobats, what is the result? SOlUTION = = ? So if 4 acrobats equals the strength of 5 grandmas, and 1 acrobat and 2 grandmas equal the strength of Ivan The Wonder then who wins if there is 3 grandmas and ITWD up against 4 acrobats who wins? Well, if ITWD equals the strength of 1 acrobat and 2 grandmas because the match between them was a draw then it's basically the strength of 5 grandmas and 1 acrobat vs 4 acrobats. We know from the before match that 5 grandmas is the same strength as 4 acrobats so obviously the strength of 5 grandmas plus 1 acrobat > 4 acrobats so Ivan the wonder dog and 3 grandmas WIN! = IF ? then you can "replace the ITWD solution with the ITWD in the other equation To Make... WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VS And since = Then, Must beat ( ) Variables We are going to give you a little introduction to variables. Variables are letters that represent a certain number value. In our poblem we have a lot of variables.Our problem has 3 different algebraic expressions and now you are probably thinking what an algebraic expression is an algebraic expression is a mathematical phrase with one or more varibles. A simple algebraic expression is 3+x=5. In this problem, X would be described as a numerical value such as 2. You often have to solve for variables, or find out their values.
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