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My Diary from Here to There Vocabulary

No description

Christina Sanchez

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of My Diary from Here to There Vocabulary

Opportunities are chances to
become successful or achieve a goal.
Reading gives you opportunities to learn about people, places, and things that interest you.
A border is a line that separates one place from another.
When you travel from the United States to Mexico, you must cross a border.
Unions are groups of people who work together to support a common interest.
These students are forming a union.
Strikes happen when workers stop working to show that they disagree with their employers and want better treatment.
These workers are on strike. They are holding signs outside their workplace to show that they will not return to work until working conditions change or improve.
When a person boycotts something,
he or she refuses to buy or use a
product as a form of protest.
This group is boycotting an oil company because they think the company is harming the environment.
A citizen is a person who is a member of a country.
These students are citizens of the United States. They are saying the Pledge of Allegiance to show that they are loyal to their country.
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