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Boston Massacre By: Mauricio Marquez

This is One of the important events that lead to The Stamp Act.

Hull Elementary

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Boston Massacre By: Mauricio Marquez

The Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre occured in March 5 1770 The colonists were mad because king George Was taxing Paper Goods .The Riot Killed 3 People ( Crispus Attucks,Samuel Gray and James Caldwell) This was one of the many events leading to the boston massacre. Captin Preston And His Men Were Charged For Murder This is a picture made by the
famous Paul Revere Showing Genreal Gage"s men shooting down the innocent colonist This Is one of the events that lead
to revoulitounary War Genreal Gage supposbaly quoted
That He was not guilty and they would
be hung because they killed the colonist
the riot was
cause because the
colonist were
mad about the
townshend acts
Crispus Attucks was
the most familar victims Thank you for having the time
to see my prezi _ mauricio Marquez
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