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No description

Jordan Montgomery

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of Uglies

Scott Westerfeld The publication date is 2005 Scott Westerfeld Scott Westerfeld Any other summer a sunset
like this would be beautiful.
I like this quote because it sounds like
a riddle. I recommend this book to
anyone that likes adventures.
www.imdb.com/title/tt0986270/ lousmag.com cakepicturegallery.com Tally Character
Name Physical
Description Personality Peris Shay Has a wide nose,
thin lips, and has a
tangled mass of frizzy
hair. Has long eye lashes,
brown eyes,
and smooth
clear skin Long dark hair,
and skinny. Shy Serious Brave Character
Chart Scott Westerfeld Publication date is 2005 A girl named Tally
can't wait to turn 16,because she can
finally be pretty. Tally has a new friend Shay. Tally and Shay go on all of these adventures to the past witch is what they call the outskrits. But they can't get caught sneaking out to the outskits or they will be ugly forever.

Description of the setting is
in the future. Scott Westerfled I would rate this
book a 3 out of 5,
because its a little confusing
and it dosen't make u feel like
your in the book.
This is scott westerfled
the author of the book. This is the book Uglies. This is a birthday cake
with the number 16 i choose
this because turning 16 was
a big thing where all the uglies
lived. Publication date is 2005 Scott Westerfled www.imdb.com/title/tt0986270/ locusmag.com uta.edu I choose the earth because
there are two diffrent worlds
3dm3.com I choose a hover board
because Tally and Shay
ride on a hover board to the
new world. THE END By Jordan Montgomery The song I choose is Beautiful
and its by Christina Aguilera,
I choose this song because all the
people called uglies say there not
beautiful because the pretties say
they are ugly and the uglies belive
they are.
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