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Thutmose III

No description

Jeff Sniffen

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Thutmose III

Thutmose III
By Isabela Monteleone
Thutmose III was a very powerful pharaoh.
He was the sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty.
Thutmose III ruled for 33 years.







Thutmose III mummy was found in the Deir el-Bahri Cache about the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut in 1881.

Communication:I think it is trustworthy because this picture was taken by Adam Carr.

Content:Hieroglyphics, a point at the top, and rectangular shape.

Conclusions:They built this for Thutmose III to honor his life before death and to show there worthy of him.

Context:Proud pharaohs had subjects place obelisks at temple entrances and inscribe them with hieroglyphics praising the pharaohs' deeds.

Connections:The roman emperor took
over the obelisk and it used to stand in the middle of the Circus Maximus as if it were trophy for taking over Egypt. Now it stands in current day Turkey because the Byzantine Empire took it.

Thutmose III was a very powerful ruler.
He was the sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty.
Thutmose III married Hatshepsut’s youngest daughter, Meritre. They had a child together named Amenhotep II. When Thutmose III died, Amenhotep II took over.
When his father died, Thutmose III was just a young boy. His stepmother, Hatshepsut took over as pharaoh until she died and Thutmose III became ruler.
Thutmose III
The End.
He served as the head of Hatshepsut's
armies after her death.
Thutmose III was not even five feet tall. His mummy is now placed in the Cairo Museum.
Thutmose III tried to destroy
all of Hatshepsut's monuments.
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