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CMN 420

By Rachel Becker

Lisa Ruggero

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of CMN 420

Water Wars by Rachel Becker, Rose Dillman, and Lisa Ruggero Inherent right
and civil duty Global Water Powers Suez Veolia World bank UN bodies powerful interest groups scarce reciprocal usufructuary basis of all life Atlanta Georgia Largest deal in US 20 year contract $420 million municipal water dept. was inefficient and costly Quality Cost contract was terminated in 2003 can be used not owned McCloud, California Nestle Bottling Co. 75% of California's drinking water 1/2 billion gallons per year $30,000,000 contract for 100 years projected 200+ jobs Public Reaction supporters site possible economic infusion opposers resist privatization for multinational profit Deal signed October, 2003 Grassroots Resistance fear of drying up aquifers
noise and air pollution from 600 trucks daily
skeptical about new job wages
Contract termination
Summer 2008 Nestle reevaluates
contract terms Corporations hudson for sale Commitment between NYS Public Service Commision and
United Water
December 14, 2006 $80,000,000 Rate Increases concerned citizens
and policy makers supply demand U.S. Geological Survey ? conserve invest corporate social responsibility shareholders vs. residents comprehensive approach conservation land use planning stakeholder involvement public good! Deregulation Contracting Out Private Ownership Commercialization Privatization Ethics

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