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Air Pollution

No description

Alyssa Jackson

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Air Pollution

Air Pollution
Outdoor & Indoor Pollution
What is it?
Air pollution occurs when gases, dust particles, fumes, smoke or odors are introduced to the atmosphere in a way that makes it harmful for humans, animals and plants.
Impacts of Air Pollution
Air pollution can result from both humans or natural actions. This can include when..
emissions from industries & manufacturing activities
burning fossil fuels
household & farming chemicals
Some of the main economic impacts are mainly due to the depletion in the Ozone layer. It causes a reduction in crops (plants & trees). This results in economic losses in agriculture and forestry. It also causes a reduction in labor force. This increases health care costs, missed days at work and reduction in work productivity.
There are many negative health effects as the pollutants in the air increase. This increases more ER visits, hospital admissions and premature death. This also causes breathing problem and many illnesses such as lung inflammation, asthma etc. The increase in fossil fuels that mainly impact human and environmental health.
Outdoor air contaminants comes from natural and human sources.
The air we breathe is contaminated with chemicals and other dangerous substances.
Natural sources include smoke from forest fires, wind-blown dust from soil and volcanoes, bacteria, etc.
Primary cause of air pollution is due to human sources
Human sources include industries, power plants, burning of fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal, and wood) etc.
By: Alyssa Jackson, Amina Hemed, Alana Kailass & Nicole Wangui
Air pollution also occurs indoors.
The effect of indoor air pollution is more of a health issue than and environmental issue.
Comes from smoke, chemicals, carbon monoxide, mold, etc.
If there's less fresh air indoors, the pollutants are trapped and people breathe that in.
Solution to Air Pollution
Common Air Pollutants
Air pollution impacts the environment in many ways. It can cause many environmental issues like acid rain, smog etc. The acid rains takes a toll on the crops which causes the agriculture and forestry industries to drop.
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Ground level ozone (O3)
Lead (Pd)
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
Particulate Matter (PM)
Sulfer Dioxide (SO2)
Reduce, reuse and recycle.
This would decrease the energy (that causes pollution) used for creating the product and will help cut down on fossil fuels in our atmosphere
alternative transportation
will help conserve energy making less pollution. This includes car pooling, taking public transit and trains to make the commute to your destination not impact the environment.
Don't waste energy
. Electricity is generated by the fossil fuels that contribute to air pollution. Just by taking off the lights when you aren't using them will save a lot energy and wont pollute the environment.
Smog in Paris.
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