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How the Government Has Evolved from Revolution to Reconstruc

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Tiana Fox

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of How the Government Has Evolved from Revolution to Reconstruc

How the Government Has Evolved from Revolution to Reconstruction
-They made a newer more efficient document which was the Constitution.
-It had three branches
-It had checks and balances with those branches, so nobody had too much power
After that..
-Before Abraham Lincoln became president, there were a lot of newer states, and with that became compromises about slave states, and free states, etc etc.
-Some acts over slavery were passed like the Fugitive Slave Act and etc.
The Government just after the revolution
-They had the first constitution which was the Articles of Confederation.
-They only had the legislative branch
-They gave more power to the states than the federal government
-The National government really didn't have much power.
...In the end during the reconstruction
-There was no longer slavery
-They had to restore the union, and they made the next three amendments.
-Blacks had some more rights than they used to before the war.
And then...
By Tiana Fox
6th hour
-When the civil war was going on the government was starting to change to try and stop slavery.
-In the almost end of the war the Emancipation Proclamation was passed which stopped slavery if they won the war (which they did)
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