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No description

Evelyn Vega

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Chemistry

Evelyn Vega
Chem 1411 PO6
Dr. AvilA
Chapter 5 Gases Consider the following Chemical Equation...

2NO2 (g) N2O4 (g)

If 25.o ml of NO2 gas is completely converted to N2O4 gas under the same conditions, what volume will the N204 occupy? 25.0 mL = o.o25 L 0.025/2 = V2/1 V1/n1 = V2/n2 0.0125 L = V2 Convert Plug In Answer: Avogadro's Law says that the same number of moles of any gas will occupy the same volume. In this reaction you are going from 2 moles of NO2 to 1 mole of N2O4. Completeing the reaction will give you half as many moles of N2O4 as you had NO2 to begin with. So, the final volume will be exactly half of the original volume. ?????
Questions V1/n1 = V2/n2 For this problem I have decided to use Avogadro's Law. We are given only one volume and the number of moles on each side of the equation.
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