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Zara Cambridge customer profile

No description

Ruth Sánchez

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Zara Cambridge customer profile

Customer Customer profile CONCLUSIONS INTRO Women age: from 20/22 to mature age (primary age group between 25-40)
Medium-high income
Very interested in trends and fashion
They shop once a week at least
They come looking for news in fashion
Loyal customers
Potential customer in TRF We could speak about our customer in Zara Cambridge like a person very interested in trends and fashion and not only in basic clothes. They are consumers with a high average pursaching power to buy at least once or twice a week. So many of them are loyal customers looking for news and tips about fashion. Women who likes to be fashionable at competitive prices but with quality pieces.
They increase their purchases on special dates or periods like sales, Mother's day, Easter or Christmas.
In the shoopfloor, they expect a warm and friendly sales assistant who can advise and help them taking decisions.
Everyday, women who want to go well dressed to work arrive to the store looking for news and refresing changes with the product in the shop. The are driven by our moves and how we present the outfits.. Is a customer who buy by outfits. On the other hand, our customer, is very interested in accesories. We don't have a specific zone with necklaces, scarfs or hats and most of our consumers always are asking about that.
Moreover, TRF has potencial enough for teenagers and young people. Like Oxford, Cambridge has one of the most importants universities in UK so we need to work on TRF and make a perfect merchandising in the shopfloor to get more young customers. Many of them are shopping in H&M or Topshop so we have to promote more TRF matching it with BASIC and WOMAN clothes.
It could be interesting to match this two points maybe with an Accesories zone sharing the first floor of our Zara Cambridge store with TRF. Shop online Moreover, one of the most important points that is increasing is the Shop online. There are some people in Cambridge who don't know about it, maybe is not easy for mature people who is not used to buy online. But when we talk them about this service they try it and it's a happy experience.
Loads of customers come into the shop looking for an item they saw in other Zara shop and if we don't have it, ONLINE is the best option for these occasions. Also for sizes, colors or best sellers we don't have in stock. - Women from 20/22 to mature age
- HIgh income
- Loyal customer
- Best sellers are trendy clothes
- Shop online increasing
- Perfect customer service expectation
- TRF: potencial customer.
- Competitors in our teenage customer: H&M and Topshop COMPETITION IN CAMBRIDGE I would say that we have two big competitors in Cambridge: Topshop and H&M.

Topshop is always up to date about trends and fashion and H&M has very competitive prices with loads of basic stuff.

Both are focus on young people clothes so is our biggest competition in that.
By the way is a good point as well because we cover the rest of the ages. And the most of our income come from them
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