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Reflection points on the course Introduction to computers in education

sarah murowski

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Reflection

Double click anywhere & add an idea As a future educator this course has presented me with many
idea's for the classroom. I learned about presentations and
internet options to help students learn. There are powerpoints
movie creators and website producers that can help a teacher
present information for lessons in different ways for students
to learn. There are also computer programs that can help students
study that can either be downloaded or made by an individual teacher. Every student is a different type of learner and the new different technologies being created and presented to students and teachers helps to fit the needs of everyones learning styles. The outcomes of the work in the class including our group blogs and our projects in the weekly assignments has helped us to learn the different types of teachnology presented
Through this course I learned alot from other students in this course. Although the teacher gave us a basic guideline of how projects should be, each student brings their own creativity and ideas to the project. By seeing other students projects I was
presented with many new ideas that could be branched off from what i've seen them share with everyone else. Each person has a different perspective on things and by seeing other projects from different points of view, you many see something you never would have thought of. The value of blog assignments was to share your ideas and have other people comment on them. It was also to read other peoples ideas and to comment on theirs. The point of this is so everyone can learn from each other without just learning from the instructor. The point of the virtual field trip was to learn how to make a website and how to present alot of information on one general place without actually going there. By doing virtual field trips you'll have your students more interested because they'll learn about one place in many different ways at a time. The value of the quizes was to practice and make sure we were understand all the information we were being presented by the teacher and other students.It had us practice information rather then skills. A minor problem I had with this course is that it's not completely mac friendly. There were a few programs that didn't download to macbooks and I had to use alternative programs and recieve less points because I had difficultly comprehending the programs. This course gave me the opportunity to work with alot of
programs i've never heard of before. Not only did it
introduce me to these programs but it told me when would be
ideal to use them and how to use them. I learned which
programs would work with different types of learners that
students are. I discovered how ESL students work better
with programs that are more interactive rather then just
reading the same things over and repeating. Some students
are visual learners and some are audio learners and most
students are hands on and enjoy experiments and enjoying
virtual field trips to places that schools aren't allowed
to take their students. I liked that this course
didn't have the same exact assignment every single week. We used different programs and formats to present the work we used. Rather then just submitting our work the same way each week we had blogs and quizes and discussion forums also.
One of the things that was a little difficult was that
although the students in this class want to be teachers,
each student want's to be a different type of teacher. We
learned alot of different ways to teacher but not all apply
to every single teacher. An elementary school teacher
wouldn't use the same types of lessons for a high school art
teacher. Sometimes they will use similar teaching methods but
the truth is most of the time they probably won't. I realize
that most teachers want to learn alot of different ways to
present things but not everyone can use the same one. By presenting
the programs we used it also somehow limits the ways to teach.
If you show a teacher 10 ways to present and teach they may just
use those 10 ways rather then making up their own or searching
for different ones instead. I'm not exactly why we
broke the class up into
different groups for blogs
considering we never actually
worked with the other people.
We all did our own work then
posted them all onto the same
page.It would have made sence to have the whole class work on the same blog so that we would have had more peoples work to comment on. I Liked that the teacher
gave us a topic to find an
article on. We had to look
it up on google and read about
it then write it in our own
words to explain in our blog
assignments The anything else cafe
was really helpful. It
had students help other
students with the same
problems they all
encountered. Instead of
teacher being asked the
same question multiple
times, students can ask
a question and have
the answer for everyone
to see. The virtual field trip was
a fun project to work on. I
liked that it was broken up
into different parts to work
on. This gave us an opportunity
to inprove ideas and get the
teachers feedback on what needs
to be worked on and changed. By
working on each part a little at
a time it was easier to work harder
instead of rushing to get all of
it done at once. Learning all the programs in this class will help me
throughout the rest of my college carear. Now for
projects in other classes I can use what I learned in
other classes for presentations and projects.
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