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Coureurs des Bois

History Project #1 Grade 7

Ethan McAuliffe

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Coureurs des Bois

"Runners of the Woods" Coureurs des Bois Who were they? The Coureurs des Bois were French traders that left the colony to trade directly with the First Nation people. Where did they Work? The Coureurs des Bois worked in "The High Country" or what we call Northern Quebec. Although, at the time, "The High Country" was home to only the First Nations and the Hunters and Trappers whom they traded with. Why did they do what they did? The Coureurs des Bois traded for animal pelts illegally. They did this because they knew that if they got back to France and were not caught they would make loads of money. How did they survive? Journal... We will now present our Journal-A video about the Coureurs des bois. Why this life is AWESOME! Why this life kinda stinks. They often earned a lot of money because they traded with Hunters and sold with merchants
It was a relatively education free life- no background knowledge needed
They didn't need to actually do anything except trade and carry pelts, because they traded. No Family
Harsh winters and little food
Had to work under cover
Sometimes the trading didn't work out Eh!
Its Canada!
Live With It! BY Mitchell and... ...Ethan! The Coureurs des Bois kept a small stock of food for themselves. They got most of their food from trading pelts and other objects. They sometimes had to rely on the First Nation Peoples for food. They had to use their natural resources, and use them efficiently.
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