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Sandra Evans

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Probiotics.....

You are now all experts on Activia and Shakira!

2 main strains of Probiotics
In the Beginning
Probiotic = "For life" in Greek

- In Biblical scripture (Genesis 18:8)
- Somarians 2500 BC fermentation
- Hippocrates prescribed sour milks
Probiotic Definition
"Live microbial food supplements that can have beneficial effects on health and in particular intestinal microbial balance."
-Gram Positive
- Non-motile
- Anaerobic bacteria
- Many different strains

- Gastrointestinal tract
- Mouth
Probiotic Yogurt

Dare to feel good

Sandra, Zan, Kale, Kyle, and Shyann
Your fellow friends..
Research on Lactobacillus
-Antagonistic affect of
against gastrointestinal tract pathogens
-Production of H2O2 by
species may represent a nonspecific antimicrobial defense mechanism of the normal vaginal ecosystem.
Lactobacillus acidophilus
is one of the most commonly used probiotic organisms to promote health
Lactobacillus GG
, have been shown to prevent and treat gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus and bacteria

Research on Bifidobacterium
Protective effects of B. adolescentis
- Attenuate:
- formation of ROS
- Protection:
- diet induced increase of NFkB, PAI-1
-Type of "friendly" bacteria
- Many different species
- Normally live in our digestive, urinary and genital systems
- Found in fermented foods like yogurt and in dietary supplements
Probiotics and Cancer
- Reduced quantity of DNA-breaking agents in stool

- Prevents acidic environment

- Associated with a decreased risk of colon cancer
To buy or not to buy?
General Contraindications
-claimed it was 'clinically proven' to help regulate the digestive system

-$45 million in settlements, now put 'clinical studies show'

-helps regulate the digestive system

-MAY reduce frequency of minor digestive issues (bloating, gas, rumbling, discomfort)

-helps with occasional irregularity
-1 X / day for 2 weeks **

-2 X / day for 4 weeks **

-3 X / day for 2 weeks **
**as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
**Bifidobacterium Lactis DN 173010**

-a delicious daily drinkable probiotic yogurt for the whole family
-**10 billion Lactobacillus Casei...a probiotic that contributes to healthy gut flora
L. Casei Danone DN114001

DanActive: $6.62 + tax 8 X 93 ml

Activia: $7.13 + tax 12 X 100 g

Ultimate Flora: $28.97 + tax 30 pills

$0.83 / 10 billion CFU
$0.60 / serving ????
<$1.00 / 50 billion CFU
10 diff strains....
Why Yogurt?
Overview of current and potential applications of Bifido Bacteria in Newborns
- Reduced incidence of Necrotizing enterocolitis
- Antimicrobial activity against gas-forming colifrosm
- Potential mediation of certain allergies
- Decreased toxicity of gluten
- Positive effect on Obesity

Research on Probiotic Yogurt
Possible mechanisms of cancer prevention
Yes if the probiotic yogurt is freshly made.

If the yogurt is on the shelf too long the probiotic bacteria colony count decreases and you may not reap the benefits.
Weakened Immune System
Coeliac Disease

Immunosuppresant medication

Probiotic Yogurt

Vaginal Use
Appropriate preparation and storage

Artificial heart valves
Any questions?
- Recommend consumption should be more than 100 g / day of probiotic yogurt contain more than 10 million CFU.

- shelf life of ~6 weeks when stored at 4ᵒC

- May provide a boost in immunity.
TNF alpha

- Could there be a decrease in adiposity?
Lactobacillus may enhance 5-fluorouracil treatment
- Greater enzymatic activity of caspase 3 lead to upregulation of apoptosis.

- Membrane bound protein(s) or cell wall polysaccharides may be key.
-lipid and protein content
Activia can help with:
$0.60 / day to regulate digestive system

$1.20 / day to possibly reduce minor digestive issues

$1.80 / day for irregularity
Serban, D.E. (2014). Gastrointestinal cancers: influence of gut microbiota, probiotics, and prebiotics.
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Acidophilus and L. Casei Mix Sensitize Colorectal Tumoral Cells to 5-Fluorouracil Induced Apoptosis.
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Gill, H.S., Rutherfurd, K.J., Cross, M.L., and Gopal, P.K. (2001). Enhancement of immunity in the elderly
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Bifidobacterium lactis Bb12® on faecal excretion of secretory immunoglobulin A and human beta-
defensin 2 in healthy adult volunteers. Nutrition Journal, 10: 138-141.
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control trial. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 64: 636-643.
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yogurt offers higher immune-protection than probiotic whey beverage. Food Research International, 54:
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