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Medal of Honor Winners

No description

lib hist

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor Winners

Medal of Honor Winners
Jacob Parrot
He was captured and beaten severely, until a successful escape of six raiders which became the first to receive the medal. He also had a role in the Great Locomotive Chase, which was a military raid that happened in April of 1862.
Samuel Davis
He acted as a lookout for a naval mines (also known as torpedoes) despite heavy fire.
Christian F. Shilt
He was awarded for evacuating wounded marines by plane while under fire in Quilali, Nicaragua.
Salvatore Giunta
He is the first living person since the Vietnam war to recieve the U.S. Military's highest decoration for valor, the medal of honor. He was cited for saving the lives of members of his squad, during the war in Afghanistan.
William Harvey Carney
William H. Carney was the first African American recipient to earn the Medal of Honor. His role was that despite getting shot in the face, shoulders, arms, and legs, he never let the flag touch the ground.

Similarities :
By: Hailey Martin, Megan Lippus,
Some similarities between these recipients
are that they showed sacrifice and honor
while being in tough situations to save other people.
Some differences between these recipients are that they did different tasks to help and save lives. Also, they accomplished their role at different times.
and Kamarie Mcrae
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