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Real Estate

No description

Abbie Hyche

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of Real Estate

San Juan del Sur
Relax by the ocean
Hostel Pacha Mama
Life Style

What makes Nicaragua an attractive investment destination?

cultural richness, natural beauty, competitive property costs, talented labor force, generous tax incentives, the country's strategic location and easy access from international markets
Arribas Bar & Restarant
Transportation offices located in
San Juan del Sur
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit , 2012 Security Risk Report.
80-100% income tax exemption on rental property.
Exemption on sales tax for products purchased for the tourist project.
Exemption from the 1% transfer tax levied on all real estate transactions.

Average year round temp: 80º F
365+ isletas
The only hospital in Nicaragua to be accreditted by the Joint Commission International and stands out as one of only six in all of Central America to receive this international recognition.
incentives for retirees and business owners
affordable - unspoiled - relaxed
economic growth and industry (cafe, cacao, sugar, renewable energy
infrastructure projects: (road to beaches in tola) FDI, canal
Source: Nicaraguan Tourism Board (INTUR, for its acronym in Spanish)

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