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on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Presentation

Three ways to spread:
1. By monk or envoy
2. Gift
3. Through trade
Discovery - 2737 BC
China – earliest records of tea consumption (10th Century BC)
59 BC, first book of tea production
Sui Dynasty (581-618), medical ingredients
Tang Dynasty (618-907), art form
Lu Yu –
Cha Jing (The Classic of Tea)
Popular drink in Buddhist monasteries
Monks brought the art form of tea to Japan (Sui/Tang Dynasty)

History & Origin

First introduced by Charles II's Queen, Catherine of Braganza from Portugal
First order of tea was in 1664 of 100lbs
Drink of the aristocrats until more avalible
By 1750 Britan was importing 4,727,992lbs
Thomas J. Lipton
Business success
1880s – Cheap tea from India to London
1880s – Lipton sets out to find his own tea
East India Company
Complete monopoly of the trade
Price was extremely high so smugglers were prominent to make available to lower classes
Had own private army
Were brutal to smugglers and pirates
Colonialism And India
Tea production was brought to India by the British to get tea cheaper and not from China
They created plantations there for easy trade
The East India Company took over much of India after political changed they dislike and ruled it
This led to India becoming a Birtish Colony
Early History
Spreading of the tea
Sri Lanka
1890 – Ceylon
1890 – Fresh, cheap tea, “Direct from the tea gardens to the teapot”
1893 – Company established
Early Success
Mid-1890s – Tea plantations
Early 1900s – Lipton's tea empire
Post WWII – Lipton began focusing more on their U.S. Market
1952 – Improves Flo-Thru tea bag
Modern Day

Replaced alcohol

Teh tarik (Pulled Tea)

Make from black tea mix with milk

Discovery - China, 2737 BC
Shennong – Emperor, Father of Agriculture & Medicine
Drinking boiled water
A few leaves blown into the water
Amazed by the flavor and restorative properties
Tested various kinds of herbs
Medical uses

Production of Tea
Cool Facts
All tea (not herbal) are made from the same plant, just with different processes

Most expensive tea is $200 for a small cup and is fertilized by waste from local pandas

Britain :Television pickup
Taken by the Buddhist monk Eichū

keeps most of the tradition
Tea powder

Tea in Japan
Tea in Southeast Asia
Mid-1980s – Control over North American tea market
Early 1990s – Lipton teams up with Pepsi
Today – Lipton dominates the global tea industry

Jenna D, Tianyi J, Brianna R, Chenyu Z
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