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Online Section 2009

Business Development Plan For Online Publishing

web admin

on 12 May 2009

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Transcript of Online Section 2009

Online Section
2009 Planning Introduction This planning mainly objective is to generate revenue from online channel. Until March 2009, MMP Communications already have 5 websites which are purposely to introduce and represent our magazines to the world through online.

There are:

As we all know, 4 from these are already published since 2007 and markettrend.com.my is the newest that we have.

In these two years, each website works very well with:
1. Updating features such as, summaries of new issues
2. Providing subscription online form with fund transfer,
3. Free online magazine for past issues,
4. mobile web, event calendar & photo gallery. For the year 2008, we had received 35 subscription applications through online, and for 2009, we already received 25 subscription applications until 30th April. *Pending Subscription = 4 unit To improve the functionality of this entire website, we have divided this idea into three different methods. There are Subscription Plan, Advertising Plan and Merchandising Plan. Online
Revenue Subscription
Plan Advertising
Plan Merchandising
Plan - Provide online magazine of past issues (2008).
- March 2008 until December 2008 (Subscribe current issue & get access for past issues)
- Value added for our new subscribers
- Start on May 2009
2008 Archive Online Magazine Gift for Subscriber - Give a gift (ex: thumbs drive) when subscribe hardcopy through online
- Targeting for FORWARD (1 year = 2G thumbdrive, 2 years = 4G thumbdrive)

Subscription Period Gift Cost per pieces
1 year 2G RM18
2 years 4G RM25

- Potential to increase subscription
- Proven by Aniqah’s previous subscription campaign (Feb 2009)
Pay per View (Project to MILENIA MUSLIM & FORWARD) - View online magazine for current issue, subscription based: - Target audience: Malaysians in oversea
- Need high speed internet capability
- Method to make relationship (such as: email)
- On going for MILENIA MUSLIM, (started Feb 2009)
Current Subscriber = 3, Pending = 4
- FORWARD will completely launch on May 2009
Audio Magazine provide MP3 format audio: play through website instead of reading
- Summary of interesting topics in new issue
- Recommended to use voice over from voice makeover software
- Still in research & development process (take 3 months)
Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Insert different quality tag and keyword to each page to increase website hit and rank
- New issue: create 1 story = 1 page with different tag
- Need 3 weeks for 3 websites, start on April 2009, continued doing monthly basis task
Improve Email Blasting Strategy - Divide into 3 different plans:
1. New Release of Magazines
2. Promotion of Subscription
(hardcopy/digital version)
3. Event Update

- Redesign the layout to be standardize
- Add at least 20k emails list from the existing list (need assistance)
Improve Payment Method 1. Maybankard.net (Credit card through Maybank)
2. Paypal - (Credit card transfer to auto debit card/credit card) Advertisement Plan 1.Recommended come with advertising package in magazine + RM200/month for online. (Increase exposure)

2. 1 month adv in magazine = 1 month banner in website + hyperlink to advertiser website.

3. Normal rate for adv banner in our website = RM450/month (without adv in magazine)
Provide Premium Package: - Advertising space in our email blast campaign
- Adv Banner will hyperlink to advertiser website
- Need to refine rate price
- Example, 1 email = RM0.10: Merchandising Plan 1.Create online forum for trading halal products
- Revenue totally comes from advertisement
- Need an expertise to create and moderate
Monthly Basis Task : Update content in 3 websites for every new release.
- Time needed 1 – 2 weeks (3 magazines = 3 websites)
- Including online magazine for subscribers
Manage email blast campaign, 1st week of the month.
New Business Opportunity 1. Digital version of compilation “Pernafasan Asmaul-Husna”
- Provide online version and hardcopy

2. Provide "video gallery" in our website
- video for: interviewing VIP (ex: Mufti Negeri Sembilan)
receipe or fashion in Aniqah

- Provide advertising space at the beginning & at the end
Thank you
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